eBay Sellers

  1. Is there a list of eBay sellers that sell authentic Hermes? I just don't want to keep on asking about different auctions on the Authenticate This thread :upsidedown:
  2. ok the ones i know

    createur de luxe

    there are more but from all the sellers above i would buy evn without pictures etc.
  3. thanks!
  4. I have bought from several of the above sellers and been VERY happy with great transactions!
  5. Poppin' Fresh is so adorable.
  6. I would personally add both

    • fleursetcarlines based in the UK - a superb seller of AUTHENTIC Hermes items, including Hermes Kellys, Birkins, many beautiful Hermes accessories & scarves.
    • pretty_mia - another outstanding seller of authentic Hermes, Goyard, LV and other high end designer items
    I have a few other favourite sellers also, but these two come straight to mind
  7. Very nice list and nice of everyone to share. I am putting them to memory myself.
  8. Hey Alice!

    Don't worry about asking about bags in the "Authenticate" thread - I love the pracitce, and I'm sure all the girls here aren't bothered at all - you could out up 50 bags a day, and someone would be here to answer for you !:yes: :flowers:

    Hope you find the bag you're looking for!
  9. what kind of bag are you looking for?? There are alot of fakes on the net, please be careful and post any finds in the authenticate thread, everyone here will try to help you
  10. Why is montecarloclub in red? Who am I confusing this seller with, that scammed a lot of ladies?????
  11. Pink you mean Monacobabe, she is the one that scammed a lot of ladies.
  12. Montecarloclub is an authentic seller of Hermes bags, she does not sell fakes.
  13. Yes, Monacobabe - She got me too! That Bit:cursing: