eBay sellers who won't accept payment????

  1. So, I bought some shoes on eBay on Saturday..used the sellers own checkout system then emailed them to check that all is cool as their system was confusing..just got this email:

    Thank you for your email. Our credit card authorization company has already declined this transaction and we will not be accepting payment for the items.Most likely your bank has authorized the funds for release as they have approvedthe payment. However since we will not be accepting these funds the bank shouldrelease them back into your account. Please contact your bank to find out how long the funds will be on hold as each bank has a different process when itcomes to holding and releasing funds. Please let me know if you have any otherquestions or concerns.Best Regards,

    I don't get why they wont accept payment for the item? So there's no way i can pay by a different card or anything? What is going on? Are they just trying to avoid selling the item as it was such a bargain? Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I would call credit card company and find out if/why it was declined.

    Then ask them exactly why they are not allowing you to pay for the item you have won. If they do not cooperate then file a complaint with ebay.
  3. thanks Kitkats... I worte the company a couple of emails today as there is no phone # on their website. My BF told me to just pay by paypal (echeck) but I was like, no way..Ive already paid! Anyway, crisis over...I spoke to them and because I wrote road instead of RD on my billing ad it wouldnt go through God knows what they meant about not accepting payment..all is well in shoegal world again!! cant wait to get my new shoes!