eBay sellers who increase their BIN prices

  1. I have to complain about an eBay issue that arose. I just sent a question to a My Poupette seller about one of her items. She had a BIN price that I was willing to pay. So I said that I was interested in the BIN but had a question about what it is that she is sending along with the item. She sent a nice response back encouraging me to BIN and gave me all the info I was looking for.
    Thankfully, I looked back at her auction before pressing BIN. She raised the BIN $20 extra dollars!!!!!! Yowzers. I know she is within her rights to change the price as she pleases. But next time I will not disclose that I'm interested in paying the BIN price. I wish she had mentioned to me that she was going to increase the price. I have no intention of buying it now at this point.

    Please be aware of these sorts of things.
  2. If you are still interested in the item, you could always email her back and say that you would BIN if she changed the price back to what it was originally. It never hurts to ask!
  3. That's terrible. I honestly can't believe someone would do that. I agree with Bookish email her back and ask. If that fails, just let her know she's lost a sale.
  4. That happened to me one time with a VERY reputable Chloe' seller. When she found out I wanted to purchase a bag she had for sale she up-ed the BIN over $150! Needless to say, I did not purchase it simply on principle alone!
  5. Ditto. As an eBay seller and buyer, I think this is unethical. Yes, she is within her rights, but she will find herself losing customers in the long run.
  6. Ditto! Word is fast on the internet.
  7. It's disappointing when eBay seller do something like this. I agree with the suggestion to contact the seller to ask if you can pay for the item to its original price. Good luck.:flowers:
  8. I thought about sending her another message, then decided against it. I didn't want to give her my business after that. Instead, I bought the same item from someone else.

    thanks for your advice.
  9. thats horrible if anything i always end up lowering my bin price
  10. dido. :yes:

    Melocoton~sry this ebay seller is trying to take advantage of you, but i am glad you caught the difference and take your business somewhere else! Cheer up, you got a LV on its way to you!:nuts: :yes:
  11. OH! So horrible. If buyer miss to re-check the BIN then immediately click BIN coz has eyeing that item for a few times, finally, however the reason, buyer has to pay that item with increase price, sounding like trick :shrugs:
  12. someone did that yesterday. there was an item i was interested in and asked about paying with pp and the shipping. she's in germany and the details said the shipping was free but in the auction it said the shipping was 50 dollars. she emailed back about paying with paypal and why shipping was so high etc. anther tpfer and i were talking about it and she realized the seller had raised her bin by 50 bucks! i guess to cover the shipping. forget it. grrr
  13. So I guess this happens often. Wow. If anything, I've lowered the BIN price, too.
  14. I don't agree with increasing the BIN price but I also don't see why you would lower your BIN price either.:shrugs:
  15. I've had this happen a couple of times. Once, I was going to BIN a Chloe Python Silverado. I asked the buyer a couple of questions, so I think she had me hooked. I went in to hit BIN and she'd raised her price by nearly $200. I PM'd to ask her about it and she said a friend told her she was selling at a price that was too low. I responded along the lines of, "Oh well, I was going to BIN, but good luck on your auction anyway." She put the price back to the original and I did buy it.

    Also, I once asked a question about a Burberry travel bag. The seller upped his price by $400 after I asked a question. I deleted it from my watch list.