Ebay Sellers who Don't Provide Additional Photos When Requested

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  1. Has anyone had experience with people who either ignore the request, pretend to email the photos, or out-and-out refuse? I never had the experience until recently. If I feel I need more information or photos, I always ask very politely and thank the seller for her time, but in the last few week literally, 3 out of 3 people didn't come through. I'd left my email address viewable for one who claimed first I needed to send the email addy. I sent the email address. The seller then claimed she'd emailed the photos (checked bulk mail and my inbox - nothing), so I resent her the email address just in case. Still nothing. The most curious experience came from a seller who responded by saying "We don't provide extra photos. If you're concerned about authenticity, check our feedback." Needless to say, I'd already checked the feedback; clearly I needed more information.

    Did I just run into a trio of bad sellers back-to-back? Or have I been lucky until now?
  2. Just unfortunate, seems strange someone wouldn't want to help as they could make a sale
  3. My personal motto: NO pics = NO buy

    It's not worth the risk IMO, especially for a pricey item... if the seller is not communicating now, what about after the sale?
  4. I am waiting for some for an auction ending tonight. Seller said they were away the other day.... Of course it is an auction with 1 stock photo. So no photos no bid...
  5. If I ask for extra photos and the seller doesn't provide them, it depends on how sure I am to start with as to whether I bid or not.

    I steer clear if the only photo they provide is a stock photo from the manufacturers website and cannot, or will not, provide me with a photo of the actual bag.

    If I asked for a specific photo - say the inside or something - or a close up of something, and they didn't provide them it would depend on how I felt about it already.
  6. All depends on how those Sellers respond. Some are fantastic, polite and so amazingly helpful and they make you FEEL like doing business with them...

    Some are 'Nightmares' / or just ignore the request - Why give them the business.

    I think its questionable if someone does not reply or points you to feedback....
  7. I totally agree. I'm asking because I'm interested in buying - not because I like asking questions. :yes:
  8. They sound like words to live by, Addy. I actually didn't bid on the one auction where the seller pointed me toward her feedback.

    I'm not bothered if people stay quiet even after the sale - as long as I get the merchandise. Waiting without communication is horrible though, so yeah, my preference would be to hear from the seller.
  9. No photos, no bid definitely sounds like the way to go if you've got questions and they aren't being addressed.

    Good luck tonight!
  10. It drives me crazy when a seller says to check his/her feedback if I have questions about authenticity. Feedback from previous buyers does not help me put my fears about authenticity to rest. It's possible that the seller sold a fake and a previous buyer didn't know.
  11. So it's sort of a comfort/judgement call for you? That makes sense. :yes: So not getting photos isn't unusual?
  12. I've had some wonderful interactions with sellers who certainly made me feel like I was valued as a customer. And definitely, the more I read, the less sense it seems to make to give my business to people who don't respond.

    Pointing me to feedback made me go, "Uh, no longer interested" - immediately.
  13. Yup, ITA with you.
  14. Whenever people ask me for specific additional photos I take them and add them to the auction page. I figure someone else may want to see the same thing. And I do this because I don't want anyone to have my private e-mail address unless I am doing a transaction with them.
  15. I agree with above, if the seller isn't willing to take pics for you, especially on a high ticket item, then they aren't worth spending on. Good customer service should be before, during, and after the sale. besides that, it also makes me question authenticity.