Ebay sellers "stealing" photos of Hermes bags from other sites

  1. Hey gals, aside from reporting to eBay authorities (who don't necessarily do anything about this), what do you do to those who steal photos from your website/ your blog and then they watermark the photo as their own? (Read my blog about it)

    It's so terribly annoying!!! :cursing::cursing:
  2. oh the nerve of some people. well i would have my lawyers track these rats down and sue their a$$es off but i do not know if that works in your country.
    i had something similar to that and it worked perfectly fine for me and i am sure those subjects won´t ever do it again i tought them a lesson
  3. So annoying! Watermark, watermark seems to be the only issue.
  4. That's a tough one, Tresor. I've had my photos stolen quite a number of times. Definitely watermark your photos but make sure it's rather obvious.
  5. to safeguard everyone here on the forum - I would like to suggest that the forum moderators can consider a sticky thread to teach every member here how to watermark their photos professionally & easily/or to watermark their photos before posting them publicly.

    it is just too risky to post personal pics out in a public forum where you do not know who is reading/stealing.

    & when i mean watermark - i mean plastering your name all over the pic (i have seen it on some members' pics - but not sure if they used a special program or they actually manually type & paste their logo all over the pic - & it has that translucent logo effect so it doesnt deface the actual pic)

  6. This is discussed all over the boards. Vlad & Megs have repeatedly advised everyone to watermark their pictures, but also to know that when you post something on line- there is no guaranty that your picture won't be stolen. That is just the risk of posting on the internet.

    We do have instructions on how to watermark available in the Feedback section- here they are again:

  7. thanks jag for the info. :biggrin:
  8. I was once told my a nice eBay member (unknown-thanks to him/her) that my photos were stolen too and the thief were using them on eBay!
  9. One other thing...if watermarking is just too hard for you to do...make a little sign and put it at the base of the bag or tape it to the bag and snap you picture etc. Put it in a place so they won't want to use your pic. Yes, it will look silly, but it works!
  10. i did think of that, but i believe it can be altered quite easily -just using paint program, the seller can block off that sign drawing a white opaque box & label their ID there - it will appear to others that the seller did not know how to 'transparent' the background.

    i like how some have the faint translucent watermark IDs plastered repeatedly on the picture - i will be googling for free watermark programs.

    I checked out the website that jag provided - but it appears they are not free watermark programs.
  11. How annoying T, Birkingal, LuxuryLife!!
    Thanks Jag for the sites. I've never watermarked but will try now.

  12. I had something similar. I had a bj birkin up on ebay, and a former member of tpf here (dunno if she's still here under another alias though) stole them and was showing off to everyone about "her" bj birkin. Of course she disappeared after I confronted the matter. This is how I found tpf, I know, quite sad.
  13. :wtf: really???
    OMG! What a way to discover TpF!