1. Don't know if this issue has been raised ever, but...
    Browsing through eBay makes me think about this issue alll the time, even more time now since I am confined within my 4 walls for a while.
    Like the release of the miroir lockits, eBay is floooooded with like 33 of them as I am typing away :confused1:??!!
    Most of them would be VICs. I am a VIC but sorry :hrmm: I don't purchase to profit; rather I am a collector. All VICs out there, what are you?
  2. This topic did come up recently especially because of the scarcity of the Mirror Lockit in the actual LV stores. Alot of people who wanted them didn't get them and now are forced to use eBay. The good news is that some of the bags seem to be selling very close to retail. (US retail for the bag + tax is about $1778) However, once the selection on ebay dwindles down the prices will really go up. I'm sure most of us TPF members aren't in it for the profit/money, we just love the bags. If one of the TPF members decides to sell their bags, I don't want to judge them-they might have a good reason like they need the money. I have never sold any of my LV on ebay but I had to let some LV pieces go this year after my dad died & I lost my job. It made me sad but I needed the money for me & my mom. I have seen a few sellers on ebay that must be VIC because they get all the new items and mark them up but how much profit do you thik they actually make after paying ebay and paypal fees? Doesn't ebay take a good chunk?
  3. Ooooo...sorry to hear about your dad *HUGZ* That's every good reason to sell your bags for. I hope your mum and you are doing okay.
    I have successfully sold a bag awhile ago but only because I have not used it enough to keep it, and it's not LV. BTW, I sold it lower than RRP;it's been used several times.
  4. Thanks Ginger, you're sweet. Because of everything I went through this year, I really try to see or look for the positive side of things and I truly believe in karma. I don't want to judge others especially because it's hard to know the whole story all of the time. So when I see some of the ebay sellers with hard to find items I couldn't get, I just try not to think bad thoughts.
  5. They use the word VIC to reflect the fact that the item is hard to get. It's always been like that on eBay with all the limited editions (not only handbags - iphone - PS3...). You said you don't purchase for profit maybe because eBay is not your principal job, eBay sellers have to get a profit from what they sell. eBay is a hobby for me I mostly sell thing that I don't use anymore. If it would be my job I wouldn't work for free so the profit is understandable. Kittyluv23 sorry for your Dad.
  6. That's what I was saying. Just wondering how many Pfers - who are running a biz on Ebay- has purchased that many LV items (particularly the LEs) that they've achieved VIC status :confused1:

    I just know of someone who is a Chanel VIC and a full-time Ebay seller at the same time.
  7. Kitty I am so sorry for your lost .
  8. Thanks guys about my dad-he's my guardian angel now. But about the VIC's buying up all and selling all the LE stuff-do you think they really make that much money on ebay? I just thought ebay charges lots of fees....? There are a few sellers I notice always get the new stuff before anyone else & have an ebay store set up but they sure have to put alot of money out to get the LV LE products. And with the way the prices keep climbing up & up on our beloved LV-retail will be hard enough to pay let alone an ebay mark up.
  9. Oh-that's kind of a bummer in a way if they are PFer's cuz we get all the good info on whats coming so early. And even then, some of us have missed out on some neat LE stuff. I guess I thought most of us PFers were in it for the love of LV.....But I can understand selling something if after you bought it you didn't really love it.
  10. I am BUT, I never sell anything. As a matter of fact, I know the stores know about the quick turnover of their LE pieces so when my SA works hard to get me something (i.e. Miroir Speedys), I make sure I use them frequently when I go into the store.
  11. ^
    Kitty, I'm so sorry...

    I'm not VIC and rarely sell my LV on eBay...
  12. Ginger, somehow I don't think there are going to be many (if any) tPfers who will admit to getting LE bags just to sell them. I can understand if someone sells their bag on ebay after changing their mind, difficult circumstances etc. But it's obvious when sellers consistently profit on bags. Someone has listed a gold MIroir Lockit for AU$3200+ that's showing up on Aust ebay; it'll be interesting to see if anyone buys it!

    PS. and all the best to you Kitty :heart:
  13. I am not surprised at all anymore even though I haven't visited Ebay Australia for a long while, way too many counterfeits listed on it.
    Well, Australia just received the lockits last week I think.
  14. Kitty, sorry about your loss.

    I am VIC and while I don't purchase for a profit (buy with the intent to sell), I have changed my mind, or grown tired of things and have sold them. I usually sell them at what ever the going rate is, if a make a little great...if I lose a little no big deal.
  15. Hey TFFC, that lockit is located in Germany btw.