Ebay Sellers Question

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  1. Sometimes eBay has bargain days when you can list for like 2 cents.
    How do you get a heads up about this deal?
    Also, for those who sell, do you have a program you like to use
    so you can upload and create auctions and then put them ON eBay
    when the 2 cent sale comes around?

    I have a lot of stuff to sell, a lot of prep to do, and I'd love to take
    advantage of this opportunity --


    ps: my sample sale Kooba leftovers are Black Lucy, brown leather
    Frankie, The smaller brown/champagne stitched hobo (online).
  2. eBay will email sellers about promotions like that. i think if you don't sell you can check eBay's home page- they usually list it the day before.

    i use turbolister. you can download it free from ebay. it's very easy to use. i use a template for my auctions that i purchased on ebay. the seller is awesome and she made me different versions- for tops, bottoms, dresses, things with no measurements etc. i loaded my templates into turbolister (actually made templates in turbo lister that have my auction templates in them and gave them titles like "no chart" "top chart" etc) and so when i go to list it's very fast: go to tl, start a new listing, pick a template, fill in the ebay specifics and then modify my template with title, desc, add pics from photobucket, measurements, etc. very fast and easy!
  3. Maybe you have the box clicked off - otherwise if you let them - eBay will send you emails about any upcoming promotions that they have!
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