Ebay sellers - please tell me I'm not alone....

  1. I am having an awful time trying to sell my items right now.

    I have watchers, but no-one is asking questions and no-one is bidding. :sad:

    One of the items is a pair of shoes purchased from eBay (didnt fit) and I'm offering them at $100 off what I paid for them and still nothing!

    Everytime I relist it hurts because eBay is getting more and more of my money, and I'm not seeing any return.

    The format I'm using is auction style, and I have many very detailed pictures self-hosted by photobucket.

    I'm wondering if it's bad timing or something.

    Please tell me I'm not alone!
  2. Well from my perspective you're CERTAINLY not alone...:tdown: I've listed several items more than once and I've had a TON of watchers. And then nothing. I can appreciate people have these "wish lists" that are nothing more than "I wish I could afford this but I'll never buy it" but it's very frustrating, IMO.
    Summertime is very slow - and I'm really hoping for a pick-up in sales come Fall - but I don't know.
    I'm even selling a couple of non-fashion items including like a $1500 CLOCK - so you know that the "crowd" watching that isn't from the party animals and I have 17 watchers within less than 24 hours of listing it AGAIN. Very very frustrating and expensive....I have mostly only eBay to help support my insane bag fetish so if I don't sell I don't spend.....:wtf::cursing:
  3. I think that is what is hurting the most!

    I want to buy a LV wallet to go with my new speedy - and I said to myself "you need to sell x and y before you can get it".

    I'm thinking perhaps I should change the auctions ends times to sunday nights? I've heard they are popular.

    At this point I will do anything! I NEED my porte-tresor international!!
  4. I think it's the time of the year. Last month I sold a mint LV Speedy 25 made by The French Co. and had 17 watchers but only 1 bidder (luckily I sold it for what I originally purchased it for so I didn't loose any money). I've been selling since 2004 and noticed that between the end of June through August, sales are verrrry slow. People tend to go away on vacation or have come back and don't have the $$ to buy despite putting your item on a watch list. I don't sell at all during those months and usually wait until mid-September when people go back to their normal routine and have money to spend. Good Luck! :balloon:
  5. Yeah, it's just not you. It's so frustrating, isn't it? But hopefully like the experienced sellers say, it'll pick up in September, makes sense. :yes:
  6. hear hear... i've re listed twice and each time i've had a gazillion watchers and no buyers :tdown: i def think it's the time of year, what with school starting back next week (here in FL) i'm just gonna hang on and re list closer to Christmas :biggrin:
  7. Same here. I just sell books and other things that aren't even expensive so I don't see why people watch but don't bid so often. I've actually had to put "last chance" on certain items because I'm not going to relist the same pair of shoes 10 times, have 5 watchers every time, then no bids. It's not worth my money, especially when ebay only offers the relisting fee if it sells the second time around. These things are like 6 and 7 timers.
    Out of the 12 items I have listed, only one lot of books is selling. :push:
  8. I dont think I will be relisting a third time.

    I will have to think of some other way.... I really need to move the shoes before they are no-longer current season though.
  9. I have had better luck with making sure my listings end on a Saturday. People are not at work, and they have gotten their paychecks the day before. just a suggestion....
  10. I do better on weekends, but mainly on Sunday afternoon and evenings. Maybe want to add certain features of lower the reserve a tad. Not sure what type of purse it is. The going back to school thing has hampered my buying since I am having to spend so much on the kids right now. Also, a lot of states had the tax free weekend this month, so I bought several things, including purses I wanted from stores since I got no tax charged on them.

  11. Its a pair of chloe shoes. I had them originally ending Saturday morning - Aussie time - (to allow American bidders to bid being their friday night) but alas, that didn't work.

    I'm going to try out the good ole weekday evening timeslot now. Lol I wish I had a degree in marketing or something...
  12. I'm having a complete Ebay break because of this very phenomenon. I am checking in weekly to see what is out there and browse, but decided to avoid the stress of it being slow/paying fees when no one was buying. I expect I'll start again in late September or so.
  13. Anything ending Saturday morning is a disaster. People have the intention of getting up to bid at the last minute then sleep in and forget. Sunday afternoon or early evening is best. People are generally hanging around home or can plan to be. When we list we always do that (although we are usually selling playstation games!).
  14. I think its bad timing. All the summer sales are now over and people got some great deals in stores so probably aren't looking to ebay for anything else.

    Another MAJOR reason is all the fakes on ebay. They are killing the sale of authentic stuff. I had a person email asking me to see if the item she was looking at was fake and why it was so much cheaper than mine.
  15. I find it very slow just now (and I think it is the same for practically everyone- I am selling beauty products, not bags etc)- roll on autumn!