Ebay sellers not taking paypal backed by a credit card

  1. Based on comments in this thread it is obvious how much *bay has deteriorated. There is an item I have been monitoring with several sellers. I have not dealt with either one before and I am a bit nervous as the asking prices are just under $500. Two of them will not accept paypal that is backed by a credit card. I know sellers have been scammed, but as a buyer you want me to spend a good amount of money and not have any protection if you don't send it or if it is fake?
  2. Report the listing. If they advertise Paypal as a form of payment, the seller must accept all forms of payments. They cannot exclude credit cards.
  3. What difference does it make to them how its funded? Unless of course they are peddling fakes :girlsigh:
  4. Is this something new? Previously you could have a regular account (that doesn't do credit cards) and a merchant account (that does accept CCs and charges 3% on all incoming money). Is it possible they don't have the one that does accept CCs or do they all accept now?
  5. definitely fishy seeing as the credit card is what gives you your security in a lot of cases. Some say it is because of extra fees, but they could just charge you more to cover the fees. There is always something dodgy when they expect you to use a less secure method.
  6. Well, if they charge more they get less competitive against other sellers. 500+3% become 515$.
  7. report the auctions to eBay.. as someone already stated if they accept paypal they must accept any type of paypal payment.
  8. They can't use a "regular account" (the free one without credit card) to sell on eBay. They need to have a premier or merchant account because eBay requires all sellers who accept paypal to accept credit cards.
  9. Paypal stopped the "regular" accounts some months ago. Now, if you use Paypal and advertise in your auctions that Paypal is accepted, you MUST be willing to accept credit cards.

    You can't use a "regular" account any more to accept payments.
  10. Does that apply only to Ebay? I do a lot of buying/selling/trading off of Ebay and I have a regular account, and I can accept payments. Of course, if it's a debit/credit payment (as opposed to a Paypal balance) it's another 4.9% but I've never not been able to accept payments.

    Sorry, I'm still a noob. :s
  11. Yep, definitely report it. That policy has been in place for a long time now. Use the link down at the bottom of the page. eBay should do something about it, too, since it's a matter of them not getting fees!
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. report....:tup:
  14. Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner! They don't want you to use a credit card because if you get sent a fake (or nothing at all) you can't do a chargeback! ;)
  15. When I first got paypal, I used to only take payments funded by an existing balance. But then when I started selling more items, people were constantly paying by credit card and I was getting tired of emailing them to let them know I didn't take that type of payment. So I take everything now.