Ebay-sellers, how do you communicate with your buyers?

  1. I'm wondering what's common, or if I'm impatient...
    I won a bidding on a bag on Thursday morning last week, 4 (5) days ago. I payed just after the bidding ended, like I always do, and sent the seller a message about shipping etc. I was hoping to get a message back with shipping info... The sellers I've had contact with before have allways responded quickly after the bidding has ended.
    Yesterday, after no response from the seller, I sent another message with questions about the shipping. Still nothing...:s Am I too impatient, and asking too much of the seller? What is common?
    It was quite a lot of money, but the sellers feedback is good, and she's a powerseller.
  2. I don't think you're being impatient at all! I always email my buyers thanking them for their payment (or reminding them...lol). When I ship the item I send them another message telling them when I shipped, what method I used, and the tracking number. I believe in good communication though, because that's what I like as a buyer. But then again I'm not a big time seller-I sell a few things from my personal collection occassionally.

    Maybe since she's a powerseller she doesn't have time to answer all her messages? I've seen listings before where the powerseller says "I sell too much to respond to all messages...sorry!" Not a great way to conduct business though.
  3. Since I print my shipping label via Paypal (when buyer pays via Paypal), my buyer gets an email with shipping information immediately and I include a message (thank you for your purchase and prompt payment, yada, yada).

    I like to get good customer service (reason why I shop at places like TOD'S boutique, Bergdorf's, etc.) so I always provide customer service and excellent communication.

    You can ding the seller on communication when you leave your feedback.
    Hope you hear from them soon or at least get your purchase soon!

    I don not think you are impatient at all, you should have heard something by now and feel fully justified when you hit them on the communication rating.

  4. I don't think you're impatient either. Sometimes I get busy with work and don't check my email like I should- so as a seller, I'm sometimes surprised that I've sold something. Hopefully your seller will get on the ball and tell you something. I usually respond right away if my buyers contact me.
  5. I always email my buyers, thanking them for your order and I provide the tracking number and date of shipment. I also always ship either the same day or no later than the next. However, often when I purchase things I notice I never hear from the seller until I get my item - I wish there was a little more communication but not all sellers are willing to put the effort into it. I do not think you are being impatient at all.

  6. I send an invoice for payment if the item isn't paid right away, and then send a message via eBay with tracking info the day it's shipped.

    I feel that's plenty.
  7. No you are not being impatient, honestly since that was an auction the seller should be bending over backwards for you - thanking you for the prompt paymemt. It is a nightmare to have auctions these days you do not know whether you'll be paid or not and whether they be on a timely manner. Hang in there and hopefully she has already shipped and just did not have the 'time' to respond to your messages. Then leave feedback and yes ding her stars for lack of communication....
  8. Thanks all! :smile:
    Good to hear it's not just me being impatient :p. I'll send her a new message tomorrow if I don't hear anything from her today. I just think it's strange... when I have sent a stranger lots of money (via Paypal), and I don't get a message from her saying the payment is ok and when the item will be shipped. To me it's a bit rude... Isn't it? She doesn't have to thank me for buying her item, but I would like to know that everyting is ok!
  9. At a minimum, a seller should notify a buyer when the item is shipped and, if applicable, provide the tracking number. I hate waiting a couple of weeks, having heard nothing from the seller, hoping the item will show up.
  10. You're not being impatient at all. As a seller I always include an short message in the invoice(which is sent right away) congratulating them on winning the auction. Once I receive payment I will send another message acknowledging payment and when I expect to ship. I get really frustrated with sellers that won't communicate at all. Good luck!
  11. Definitely email her.
    I always send my buyers an invoice, then wait for their payment. Then that day or the next, depending on when they pay, I email them right after I ship the item to let them know when it was shipped and when to expect it. Also, I ask that they email me again when they receive it.
  12. I communicate often and postitve & friendly :upsidedown:
  13. When I sell something on eBay, I always answer all questions, etc... quickly and keep communications open. When an Item sells, As soon as I receive payment I email the buyer thanking them for their payment and telling them when the item will ship. Then, when it does ship, I email a tracking number and another thank you for the purchase.

    I have recently won some auctions where I paid immediately, and had to email the seller a couple of days later asking for shipping info.

    Then, this past Friday, I won a great pair of shoes. I paid immediately using Paypal (credit card). The next day I checked and my payment was showing as unclaimed. Since then, I have emailed the seller (new ebayer) twice asking her to contact Paypal and get help setting up her account correctly so she can accept my payment. She has not responded to my emails, but the charge is on my credit card statement already, so I got her contact info. from eBay and called her. She acted like she had forgotten she had sold something on Ebay and said she would get to her email as soon as she could (???). I asked her to please take care of it tomorrow.

    I understand that people are busy, etc...but it's been 3 days. What is wrong with people?

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  14. I must agree with LT, because I give the same customer service as I expect. I am religious with email, and so as soon as a buyer wins I send a congratulatory email, which includes invoice. I then ship the day after payment is made (so if this is a weekend I ship first thing monday morning), and inform my buyer immediately of the shipping details so they can expect shipment. I am so happy to be selling on ebay and therefore I try my hardest to do right for my buyers. They don't have to purchase items from me, so I make it a point to make them very happy and appreciate our working relationship. I don't understand why sellers would not communicate with their buyers and so I completely understand your frustration!
  15. I send an email when the paypal payment is received, thanking the buyer, letting them know what day I will be shipping and giving them the tracking number. I no longer buy my postage through Paypal because the Post office doesn't scan the package when I drop it off and I want proof it was shipped, but I still add tracking to the Paypal purchase and then Paypal sends an automatic email to the buyer as well.