Ebay sellers do you let buyers send cash ?

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  1. Hi- I just had someone ask me if I would accept cash sent in the mail. It's not for a bag and I have no idea what price the item will end at. My inital reaction was to say no, but I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought.
  2. sure! I allow people w/ excellent feedback to send me well concealed cash.
    I would NEVER send anyone cash, but I'll accept it!:biggrin:
  3. I've only been asked once (as a seller), and I said no-it's tempting, but I just think (1) if you have the cash you have the small amount a USPS MO takes to purchase, and (2) what happens if they say they sent it, and you don't get it-how do you trace it? Even face to face I would have a buyer sign a receipt w/date, amount and both our names-but that's just me!
  4. Swanky mama- thanks for the response- I'll take a look at their feedback- I was unsure what would happen if they mailed it and it was lost-how it would be handled with eBay.
  5. eBay can't really do anything about it, only Paypal would get involved if they paid via PAypal adn said they never received their goods.
  6. pugsonpurses- this is my concern-if it was lost- how would it be handled with eBay- there's no proof- and even if they do a delivery confirmation-what if they "forget" to put the cash in the envelope. My sister had a problem once with an item she bought- the seller sent her an empty box- she has 100% feedback with over 1300 transactions but ebay/palpay sided with the seller since he had delivery confirmation.
  7. so if the cash was lost, I'd probably get a neg since there is no way to prove or disprove receipt.- I think I'll stick with paypal and money orders - really appreciate your help
  8. Years ago when ebay transactions were safer and it was actually FUN to sell and buy on ebay, cash thru the mail was very common. ebay frowns on it regardless if its sent certified or whatever.

    Post Office rules state cash is NOT allowed to be sent in the mail. You cant insure cash.

    The last time I accepted cash was for a small $20.00 transaction. All went okay. It was a teenager buying something.

    Due to money laundering I would NEVER accept cash for a transaction.
  9. I never thought about money laundering, but what a perfect way to do it-yet another reason to say, no, sorry-
  10. Agree with all the concern above - the only time I have accepted cash is when someone has (rarely) done a pick up and usually for time limited things like tickets.
  11. I always say no... because, what if I don't get it? What if it's stolen at the PO or somewhere along the way? How could I possibly convince my buyer that I did not receive the cash?

    I've had buyers send me cash while I was waiting for their MO, or I thought I was waiting for a MO! It just seems so risky, so if they ask in advance, I always say no. But really, that is to protect myself!
  12. Exactly that.
  13. sorry for sounding silly.. but how do people conceal cash? :shame::shame::shame: Not that im going to send any cash to anyone.. but i thought it sounded really interesting! :p
  14. Here in UK it is possible to send cash by special next day delivery & to insure it for up to 2000 so there is no risk whatsoever. cash is great as no waiting time for cheque to clear to send the bag. International cash would be difficult because of currency differences. The only reason that ebay is against cash is that sender has no way to retrieve money is goods are not as described or not received. I pay my taxes so if someone sends me "hot" money then it is on their conscience not mine.
  15. cash is trouble, in my opinion.