eBay Sellers & Buyers - please READ THIS


Pick one. What is the best method to convince you a bag on eBay is authentic.

  1. A picture of the receipt from a reputable business

  2. Pictures of the interior of the bag (showing serial # and label)

  3. A money back guarantee policy

  4. Positive feedbacks from other buyers

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  1. Thank you Vlad!
  2. I have sold on eBay for sometime and get A little better than average for my sells. I always have 6 Pictures closeups and very good Light from Top and side. Also let them supersize the bags it is only $1
  3. IMO the most important aspect is that the seller communicates quickly and politely to all my questions and requests for additional pictures (to be sent to my email address). No matter how good the pictures are on the auction, invariably they are missing a detail I want to see clearly. So quick supply of additional pics helps reassure me alot. It also ensures that the pics of the bag in the auction weren't stolen or stock photos.
  4. I always like detailed discription that isn't so long but yet gets the point. I don't think you have to explain why you are selling it. You could say.. that you're cleaning out your closet.
    Clear photos are important with close ups and don't forget to watermark them. Also, you can add that you gurantee authenticity with full refund.
  5. [​IMG]

    I guess a receipt is a meaningless way of determining if something is authentic on eBay because I spotted a fake receipt floating around on eBay. The receipt above is from an auction selling an allegedly authentic LV cerises Speedy 25. There are many clues the receipt is a fake, but the most obvious is the date of the receipt. The receipt is dated July 2, 2001. The LV cerises collection did not come out until 2005. How could someone have purchased two cerises bags from New York four years prior? Hmm!:suspiciou

    In case you were curious, here's the link to the auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6836004374&indexURL=10&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting

    Keep your eyes on even the smallest of details when browsing on eBay. Always remember, buyers beware!
  6. I wanted our members to beware of this fake LV receipt shown above that I started a separate thread in the Seller Watch segment of the forum. Click on the link to read our members' reactions: http://forum.purseblog.com/showthread.php?t=1744
  7. None of the above...If i want a bag, I go their official site or store...As far as Ebay...a fool and his money are easily parted. A saying I live by everyday!
  8. I was a fool once. I thought I got real dior girly bag from ebay but when it arrived, I realized I was duped. It was money 100% wasted. I ended up marching into the Dior store a year later and picked up a real one @ 50% off. :nuts:

    I still have the duped version. Not sure what to do with it. It's in a bag sitting there collecting dust. :sick:
  9. I was ripped off once for my first LV purchase. I guess I was very gullible during that time and didn't know much about the fakes. I saw a brand new Mono Sologne listed on Ebay and I wanted it so bad. I checked the sellers record and he has over 900 feedback (99% score). I thought he was an honest seller and he also stated that it was purchased in France and comes with the original receipt and dust bag (not necessarily true) and I believed him.

    I was in a bidding war and got the purse for $450! After I won the purse, I started read My Poupette and other LV warnings. Some of his pictures blurred and it stated no refund (big warning!). I was so nervous and knew that it was definately a fake, but I can't prove it without the actual bag. Also, I can't cancel out of my bid.

    When the package finally arrived to me, the package was ripped and opened. I looked inside (while the mailman was still there) and it was empty. I refused the package and quickly contacted the seller. He finally refunded my $$$ since the item was insured. So my bad luck was resolved due to the lost package. My lesson is I can spend an extra $200-300 to get a new Sologne on Eluxury and get a peace of mind that it was authentic. I would not be that careless again, hehehe. So the only thing I lost is my shippping cost ($25).
  10. Communication is very important, in order to reassure buyers. Respond to all enquiries in a timely manner, and go above and beyond to provide any extra info. that the buyer requests. This helps to build trust, and assures the buyer that you are actually there, you actually have the bag.
  11. Just read your last post. Will you post them through our Marketplace, though? This seems to be a reliable way of at least finding out whether there is interest in them.