Ebay seller wont sell me Marc Jacobs shoes I won!

  1. I found this pair of Marc Jacobs shoes on eBay and instead of the auction saying Marc Jacobs, it said Marc Jacob. And since the shoes probably weren't seen by many people on eBay, I had won the shoes for a very low price. About an hour and a half after receiving the invoice, (I hadn't paid yet because I wasn't home when the invoice was sent) I received this email from the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi Michelle, I have to let you know that just now when I was packing the shoes, my toddler son was playing with one of the shoes and scratched the shoe. The scratch is very bad, it leaves a long line on the shoe. So I can't sell you the shoes with damage. I'm really sorry for what happened. I will apply to eBay to cancel the sale so you don't have any responsibility. Regards. tresbellalivre

    I have a feeling that she made up this story just because the shoes sold for such a low price. I find it odd that the seller would just say she can't sell me the shoes instead of asking if I still want them. I asked her to send me a picture but until I get a response, I'm just getting more and more annoyed and hoping eBay doesn't cancel the auction just in case she is lieing. Is it just me or does this seem strange?

    I'm afraid the seller may reply with some bs story like her camera broke or it wasn't hers in the first place and she isn't able to borrow the camera again. I don't know what to do.[/FONT]
  2. If it were me, I would go ahead and email her back with something along these lines:
    "Thank you for informing me of the damage to the shoes, but I would appreciate it if you would please send me a picture of the damage so I can see if it is serious enough to warrant a cancellation...I will then decide if I would like to continue with the sale or cancel it. Thank you".

    If she sends you back anything but pictures as you requested, open a dispute and file a nonperforming seller.
  3. Well I already asked her to send me a picture of them. I should have said what you said but instead I just simply asked for the picture. And then last night she responded and said "I will take a picture and send it to you tomorrow." I'm still waiting.
  4. maybe she is busy photoshopping a scratch on the shoe :lol:
  5. ^^haha, lol.

    At least if she tries to sell it again on ebay you'd recognize it...dunno what you can do then.
  6. I looked her up, the shoes said no reserve so I'm not sure what her deal is ... you can file against her as a non-performing seller.

    This happened to me when I bought a piece of jewelry. The seller refunded me so I couldn't do anything.
  7. And she didn't sound very apologetic either - if that happened to me I would be kissing the A$$ of the buyer and doing everything in my power to make things right.
  8. What type of scratch is a toddler capable of making while SHE was packing the shoes. I'd say it's a load of BS.. but you already knew that :smile:

    Push her a little bit and see if she caves.

    I'd tell her that you don't think a "scratch done by a toddler" is very realistic. Tell her (in a polite way maybe) that you suspect she's trying to pull one over on you because you won the auction so cheap. Tell her that unfortunately it's the way ebay works and she should use a reserve price next time. Also lightly threaten to file a NPS with ebay on her. Bet she changes her tune and sends the shoes..
  9. The seller sent me a picture of the damaged shoe. I'm so thrown off. There is no way that a little kid could have done this to a shoe (I don't think) unless they had a marker in hand.. To me this looks like something that was done on the paint program. But the seller offered me the same pair in a size 7... so I don't even know what to think. I think I'm just better off forgetting the whole transaction because this seller seems a bit looney. And to have the same shoe in 2 sizes? This just seems off to me.
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  11. I have three smallies and they have crayola markers......completely washable. These shoes could have been scribbled on by the seller knowing it was erasable. The only worry now is that if you say send them ,she could use indelible ink.
  12. By the way,fabulous shoes I can see why you're upset.
  13. She said that she has the same pair one size bigger and will send me those instead. For only $26 including shipping, my wallet tells me to just do it and if they don't fit I can eBay them. But my head tells me to have nothing to do with this seller.

    I'm not sure what her deal is, being that it sounds like bs that the shoes are ruined but then she goes and offers me another pair. Before I make my decision I'd like ot hear more opinions.:confused1:
  14. The seller does sound a little screwy, especially having the shoes in 2 different sizes?!? If you really like the shoes, for $26, I think it is worth the risk, like you said you could always resell them on ebay if you ended up not liking them.
  15. That's definitely not a scratch unless the shoe is black underneath.