ebay seller with two names?

  1. I won an item that want to return. I emailed the seller on eBay and while I was waiting for a reply requested the seller's contact info from eBay. Well the contact info I received was for a person in missourri and when the seller replied to my email they gave:shrugs: a different name in Los Angeles. The item originally came from Los Angeles. How can this be?
  2. Maybe they haven't updated their eBay info. Ask them why the details don't match
  3. This happening to me right now, I purchased a fake LV (not knowing it was fake) and the seller was from Texas and when I got the fake piece of S*** the girl who sent it was from Maryland. So I am sending it back to Maryland.
  4. Please send it to the address that is on her PayPal account. If you send it to any other, you will not receive Buyer protection in PayPal.
  5. This is exactly right! You have to show proof of delivery, and if it doesn't match the address on the paypal account then they will deny you if the seller claims they didn't recieve it.
  6. Pardon my ignorance, how do you obtain the paypal information? Thanks, Melissa Grace
  7. There are others that probably know more, but I think the #1 rule for buying on ebay is always pay with paypal and use your credit card, Amex if you have it. Paypal and ebay are making tons of money together, but they do have security -- unlike any other method of payment. Go through and read the rules of both Ebay and Paypal maybe?? I would, like the other person said above, only send the returned item to verified paypal address or else they could claim they never got item back and paypal will not refund you. Ebay gets scarier and scarier...:hysteric:
  8. I would go ahead and open a dispute with paypal, then escalate it to a claim. They will then give you the address to ship the item back to, they will also refund your original shipping.

    If you don't want to go that route, just go to the paypal payment, click on details and down towards the bottom you should find the "ship from" address. Make sure you use a DC # when you send it back.
  9. What is a "DC" number? Thank you, Melissa grace
  10. Delivery Confirmation