Ebay seller *trendymom*

  1. Has anyone purchased from her? What was your experience like? authentic? Thanks!:heart:
  2. I bought an authentic LV multicolor alma bag from her years ago. My purchase experience was very positive. Good communication and fast delivery. She is a my_Poupetter seller and a power seller on eBay. She sells only authentic bags. She has taken many years to build up her reputation, and selling one fake bag does not pay to jeopardize it.
  3. Thanks for the quick response :smile: I'll take that into consideration
  4. I bought my LV black multicolore speedy from her. She is an excellent seller, I would highly recommend her anytime!
  5. Maybe it was another seller, but I thought she was the one that was kicked off of ALVA for selling fakes, unknowingly.
  6. I know I'm kinda new here, but I have asked about this seller. I was told the same that the seller has been known to mix fake and real. Be careful!
  7. I purchased a Cabas Piano from her a while back and the experience was really great. This was before she became MPRS. Haven't dealt with her since then. My memory is that she was a professional.
  8. wow thanks guys for the info!