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  1. #1 Apr 23, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
    Hi just wondering if anyone has bought anything off tig-japan and recommends them?


    They sell a lot of designer bags like Louis Vuitton at a really low price so I'm wondering if they are authentic. I'm hoping to make my first Louis Vuitton purchase off them soon

    Thanks :P
  2. Their stuff is authentic, although in some cases well used. Just check the condition in the pictures carefully. Japan has very strict anti-counterfeiting so I usually feel secure with Japanese sellers.
  3. elady01 has had fake Coach items and even when they were finally removed (and it took a long time and lots of reports), she relisted 3 times.

    Getting fakes from from Japanese sellers is very difficult.
  4. I returned a bag to them that was trashed and ripped. They had to pay for return shipping. I do not recommend them.
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    Many Japanese sellers on Ebay deal in volume, some don't have the item they have listed in hand (by design, not to be deceptive), so bags from Japanese sellers in terms of condition is like a box of chocolates.

    As for authenticity, there are some like ELady or Yuko or others who have been caught selling fakes, although never intentionally; when you are moving thousands of items then things are bound to slip through the cracks. (I've noticed in the past, that they do have a mind-boggling level of stubbornness when it comes to their own perceived invincibility or immunity to stocking/listing fakes; many times when I've politely sent them a message notifying them, rather than looking into the issue they have flat out denied. I do believe they were sincere in their denial although that does not change the end result. I do think though that part of this is probably because they are also used to being falsely accused of listing fakes when their item is authentic but uncommon, vintage, etc., and so any query resembling that they perceive to be simple ignorance. I would not be surprised if, when presented with the notion of counterfeit or on the receiving end of a VALID counterfeit Ebay claim, they just silently accept the item back and chalk it up to buyer ignorance whilst believing that the buyer is still mistaken and not them).

    Because of the mass volume of items they sell, it's become no longer reliable to gauge the quality of a product by the seller's identity (meaning, if I buy from X, will I get a good product). Especially for sellers who don't have the item in hand and they are listing on behalf of other brick and mortar stores, the entity listing the item just goes by the attributes that are communicated to them from the shop and things can get lost in the shuffle or not mentioned. You need to judge each and every single piece individually; this being said, buying a fake from a Japanese seller is very rare (although does happen), you are more likely to get surprises on the condition-related end, but again you may also be delightfully surprised by good condition too. I bet every single customer has a totally different experience with the same seller just because of their sheer volume.

    So I'd go with someone who takes returns, at least then you don't have to wait for Ebay to step in if something unexpected occurs.
  6. Thank so much darlings! In the end I was outbid :cry:

  7. Any bag that perhaps you are interested in purchasing from an ebay
    seller international or domestic, if you can, post on the proper authentication
    threads. Lots of experts there who can help there as this is just a suggestion..
  8. I was looking at brand_jfa and seriously they have a few really good fakes on there that you could tell by looking at the font if looked at really closely. The L and the round O which wasn't round it was oval :sunnies
  9. I'd be really, really wary of stating that anyone is selling fakes unless I had definite proof that they were. .

    Lots of the Japanese sellers sell some fantastic vintage stuff. Always, buyer beware, and get stuff you buy authenticated. It doesn't help anyone to make sweeping statements about people without offering evidence to back up their statements.

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  10. I bought a LV epi noe in great condition from them after having it authenticated by ****************** :smile:
  11. Well said!
  12. I also buy pre-loved bag from tig-japan and authenticate it first. Fortunately, all the items that i tried to bid is authentic. :smile:
  13. To Roku's point - I believe tig-japan lists and sells for items at brand-jfa. I also think this may be one of the reasons a seller isn't able to provide additional pictures of an item, requested by potential buyers, as they do not have the particular item in hand.
  14. If you need to return anything to tig-japan--be warned. It will be very tedious, even if the reason for the return is their error. In this instance, they made a significant mistake in the measurements of the bag (Chanel). Significant. Not a half an inch here or there, but 4-5 inches in every dimension. Kind of unbelievable, but entirely possible. So own up to it. Make it right, make it easy for the buyer. Not so.

    Here's my question. The address they gave me to send it back to goes to Brand JFA--another Japanese seller on ebay. Are these two sellers sister companies? Or is one the parent of the other, anyone know? I'll never deal with "tig" again, but I'm wondering if I should cross Brand JFA off the list too.
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    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
    @BagStalker44 - I believe tig-japan is a "lister" for brand_jfa. They are a perfect example of "sellers who don't have the item in hand and they are listing on behalf of other brick and mortar stores, the entity listing the item just goes by the attributes that are communicated to them from the shop and things can get lost in the shuffle or not mentioned" @Roku mentioned in her post (#5) above.
    When I was purchasing from Japanese re-sellers on ebay I had a similar experience with tig-japan. The return address provided was for brand_jfa. I believe there are two additional ebay sellers who are "listers" for brand_jfa. That experience and my own speculations concerning authencity of bags from re-sellers are the reasons I stopped purchasing from that market.
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