eBay seller string forum photos

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  1. Impulsebuyer156. Has a FILO plum up with my photo! Ugh. Really? Take your own pics dude! Talk about misrepresentation.
  2. She was so rude!!!!! All you have to do is ask biotch
  3. She removed it. Gave me an earful first though
  4. :boxing:
  5. Lol, she gave you an earful? It's your pic...
  6. Sometimes it's better to just report them. How rude!
  7. Doesn't ebay now have a specific warning message that you can't steal photos?
  8. For items that are listed on ebay, sellers who don't want their work used must opt OUT of the catalog. Otherwise, all listings automatically opt in by default and catalog listings are exempt from photo theft.

    (I think sellers should have to opt in but obviously, ebay didn't check with most sellers to see how they feel about it!)

    Since the OP's item wasn't even listed on ebay (if I'm understanding correctly), use of her pictures was disallowed and can be reported as VeRO.)
  9. Where do you go to opt out of the catalog? I thought I did, but I want to make sure. I work hard on my photos and don't want to work for other people.
  10. "Helps" right! They make it sound like they're giving you free additional exposure! Instead, they'd exposing you to other sellers who can take advantage of your work.
  11. She said I have "ugly feet anyway" ha
  12. Wait- what??????
    News to me- going to check this out right now :cursing:

  13. lol...people are so dumb