Ebay- Seller/Shipping/Tags? HELP

  1. Ok so I bid on this LV Love Scarf and won for $112.50 The shipping cost was quoted as $10.46 via UPS on the auction page, which I was ok with even thought it seems kinda high but whatev.

    She sends me an invoice with $14.00 shipping? But I thought I would only have to pay the $10.46? What should I do. I told her there's no reason I should have to pay the $14.00 that she switched it to when it blatenly said $10.46 on the page.

    Also, you know how you can pick- New w/o tags, New With tags, other?

    Well it says "New With Tags" in that section but in her details she doesn't really mention it. So I asked, does this come with tags. And she responded with "It is brand new and comes with box."

    I said, "In your auction it says "NEW WITH TAGS", so does it include the tags, which it should?

    What do I do. I wanted it with tags. Is it right for me to back out of the auction? I was planning on it coming with tags as stated!

    Am I being too rediculous?​
  2. Well you have two different questions here.
    1) she has to give you the shipping cost stated in the auction. Period.

    2) New with tags means new with tags--but in some instances the item actually never *had* tags, so it can also mean new in box. Was this scarf sold in stores with tags attached, or no? For instance, certain small leather goods that I sell never had tags attached by the maker, but if I sell them I choose "new with tags" because it's the most indicative of the condition of the item, which is pristine and fresh from the store with NO flaws and including all original materials.
    If you know that this item does originally come with tags attached to it, and you really want the tags on it either for gift giving or for resale, then I would hold her to the NWT designation and either send it back as not as described or ask her to let you out of the transaction.
    Honestly, though, if the item IS as pictured in the auction, whether it has tags or not, she really does not have to let you out of it.

  3. I think you did ok.......maybe she miscalculated on the shipping but you can ask her why its more...$3 isnt much...$10 or more added on, Id be :cursing:....
    Maybe she is thinking that the label sewn on it is a tag?????
    I woud ask her.....
    good luck
  4. I've never had any of my LV items come with the tags ATTACHED... usually they're in a pocket or in the box, if they're included. I've bought many an item from a boutique that didn't include the tags since a lot of SAs take them out as they're wrapping up your purchase.
  5. Yup. And I've bought a bunch of scarves and none of the tags have actually been attached (the cloth tag, yes, but the paper tag with the item name on it, no). Scarves NEVER have paper tags attached so you're fine this way, I wouldn't back out. The cloth tag IS attached but the paper tag is NOT.
  6. Seems fine to me...I would just stick to my guns on the shipping.
  7. I brought an LV scarf an hour ago from the louis vuitton store and the SA stapled the tags to the store recepit copy in front of me and i just had the scarf. I have purchased about 15 scarves this year and never had the tags! Perhaps LV online is different!
  8. Ok here's a message from her:

    "$3.00 extra for insurance. also, you should have asked questions before bidding. this is my sister's auction, and she is out of town. If you do not want it, then tell me and I will give it the the bidder below you."

    I am just afraid I get it and it WON'T have the tags and I won't be able to resell it for even what I paid for it?

    Do you think the tags will matter to some one buying if they matter to me?

    Also, it wouldn't have mattered if I asked before or after because the auction states NEW WITH TAGS and I was just trying to clear it up since I did not see them pictured.

    Also, if it's her sisters auction, have all her bags and designer stuff been "her sisters" it sounds hokey to me?
  9. I ALMOST bid on that auction and then saw some of the items you are talking about and didn't. I had it on my watch list and w/ like 5 min left I decided nope, seller has too many inconsistences. Good luck.
  10. What do you mean inconsistancies? I mean I know it's real. Lee autneticated it.

    But what other things so you mean?
  11. So she says this

    "I Will call my sister, who is in jamaica(there was a hurricane there, hurricane dean) and ask her if there are tags. thank you"

    Yeah throw in that hurricane part to make me feel bad or something? WTF?
  12. The thing about the tag was one that bothered me and I actually did send her a few messages asking some questions and she never responded to them. The shipping was already a little too high for me, but I HATE paying shipping. However, if this is something you are wanting then I would pay the price she quoted in her auction and that is it.
  13. Well she said the extra $3.00 added on is for insurance? But in the ad it sys insurance was not included?

    Really the only reason why I wanted it was to get it and resell it now or later. I bought it for cheaper than retail, Saw it as an oppertunity and jumped.
  14. I'd just buy it.
    The tags aren't even a big deal, especially with scarves. I've gotten numerous things from the stores without tags, and actually come to think of it, my LVOE bandeau didn't have a paper tag either.