eBay seller: she CLAIMED that she purchased it from ME!!!

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  1. Please see item number: 160196233695


    Her subtitle:
    I bought it from lvgodiva(153)99.4 %POWERSELLERonJULY06



    Is she lost her mind?? I NEVER SOLD anything to her.

    Should I report her to eBay as what? Please advice, thanks.
  2. Well that is a new one...I would report her immediately to eBay in whatever way you can and I would also contact her and demand she remove your name instantly. I would also block her asap.
  3. Hmm, did you ever sell an Onatah? Maybe she has a buying ID separate from her selling ID? I would maybe email her and report her to eBay, but I'm not sure what you would report under. Maybe get ahold of live help on ebay and talk to them about it.
  4. I agree that she may have a different ID. I personally have a bag listed now that I bought from another seller and have indicated this in my listing but remembered that I bought it on my other ID so I hope it does not confuse anyone. But if the original seller were to see the listing they would surely recongize their bag as it is a unique and uncommon one. But if you never sold this bag, I would e-mail her through eBay and tell her that she needs to remove her implication that the item was purchased through you as this is untrue and let her know that if she does NOT remove this information that you will, indeed, be reporting her to eBay.
  5. OMG - the cheek! Report her immediately... She is obviously a scammer. How did you discover this listing and that she had named you?
  6. kalodie1
    thanks for your help :flowers:

    No, this is the 1st time I list my Onatah. I never sold Onatah before.
  7. Mustlovedogs
    thanks :smile:

    I'm checking eBay Louis Vuitton keyword from new listed to see if my auction already appear and I found this one :s
  8. Poor, just realized she copy some of my texts:

    This is the largest size.
    I'm trying my best to describe accurately my item please feel free to ask any questions.
  9. You need to bust her on it!!! Can you imagine her face?? She will probably pee herself!! hahahaha
    Crap!! She even listed in her sub-title that she bought it from you, and gave a date that she supposedly bought it!!! What a scally wag!!
  10. OMG, so she copied your listing and is saying she bought it from you? How horrible! This is a first... I'd definitley report her! Good luck, LV :smile:
  11. Please go on the Repot this LV threat with your situation. Also report her on Ebay. I just reported her too. Her bag looks fake compared to yours. Lol good luck I have my baby Onatah listed too.

    Also you can put in your listing that this is the first time listing this style, like a beware note or something.
  12. wow... i'd say that seller has some balls!!!

    maybe they are trying to sabotage your listing ?? weird.
  13. I just sent her a question about her item that read:
    "Exsqueeze me but I do not see where you purchased this item from LVGODIVA in her past sales. Can you please elaborate as your authenticity is questionable. Thank you.":roflmfao:

  14. Also LV godiva wasn't selling items in 2006. Weird.
  15. Well this is interesting to say the least! I would report her as well...what a strange thing to put in her lisiting when it is not at all true!