Ebay seller sends different bag than pic


Aug 17, 2013
I'm trying to decide what to do. Purchased pochette. The seller also had pochettes listed on malleries. Once I did not hear back from the seller after I questioned delay in shipping, I realized my purse was still on malleries, and then sent message to cancel purchase. His response was that he had several there, and mine was on the way.
So, I receive my purse today, and it's not the one he had photographed for my purchase. (rec'd a 2001, one pictured was 2007). Purse looks ok, but has strange odor. And it irritates me that he sent a different bag!!!!!


Yothu Yindi: ~Treaty~
Aug 16, 2012
Running amuck in Oz!
You need to contact the Seller, while it's still the same pochette it's NOT the one YOU purchased. Contact ASAP and tell them they sent you the wrong Pochette and you would like the ONE you Purchased! Not one similar, it's Not good enough IMHO.
Feb 23, 2014
Midwest USA
Ugh! So sorry that happened too you!

I, too, would contact the seller and tell him you want the pochette pictured in your listing. (Honestly, I probably would give up on the seller at this point and just take the refund.) I wouldn't accept the substitute unless it was better as someone else already mentioned.

Good luck!