Ebay Seller Selling Fakes Want To Turn Me In!

  1. I dont know if i could post this here but if it has to be moved then it's ok..

    Well, yesterday I left a comment on the WORST FAKES thread about me messaging a seller on ebay of her VERY fake Alma bags..well, I really wanted you guys to read my message to her and then the response I got back as well..looks like now she wants to report ME to ebay for trying to SCAM her..:wtf: not that ebay will do anything becasue i'm not the one selling FAKE things..i just feel so bad for the people who buy her fake alma bags..the one i messaged her about went for $500 US dollars!! Augh!! this stuff makes me soooooooooo mad:hysteric:

    Originally Posted by socalgrl86 [​IMG]
    here is my message to her..i will update you later!

    im sorry but i want to point out that this bag is a completely fake. the alignments are all wrong and worst of all, it comes with those tags hanging off..something LV never does..i dont know if you were under the impression that maybe they were real but i would just like to point the fakeness out..also, the datecodes dont match up to how they are even suppose to be..

    Well, i got a response from this seller today:

    May I suggest you mind your own business - I have sold these before and had many happy customers and how you can tell from a few pics beats me - I have seen the real deal and would not sell fakes - I get scam emails from people like you all the time and they get forwarded on to ebay for them to investigate

    Wow..so who wants to message this seller and tell her off...i'm sooooooooo PO'ed!!! She says I'M THE ONE SCAMMING HER!! augh!!
  2. Can you post a link to one of her auctions?
  3. OMG! What a nasty response. Guilty conscience it would seem. She doesn't even know WTF she's talking about. She can't report $hit, lol

    I would report her right back if I were you! :lol:
  4. Report her to e-bay....

    I wouldn't worry about it, tho....she is not going to forward them to ebay, she doesn't want to draw attention to herself, after all she knows she is selling fakes.
  5. Its her sad tatic to try and turn the tables to ya a bit...dont fall for it...

    You should be stern with her and let her know that, You will report this....

    How horrid!!!!! :s
  6. Ditto. Don't worry about her. IMO next time anyone sees an obvious fake just report it to ebay ( just go to "report it" down the page) and let them deal with the crooks.:cursing:
  7. that is so pretentious on her part esp that part about 'I have seen the real deal'
  8. that is usually what i do but i saw this auction and felt really bad for those who pay the same amount of money of a real LV (a small bag) and getting a fake...
  9. I felt bad for those who bought fake unknowingly too. Look at these auctions and see what they're paying....:cursing: I reported the first one but nothing was done...surprise, surprise:hysteric: All we can do is to report them.....
    eBay: 2000% authgarenteed louis vuitton speedy 25 cherry bag (item 280038615567 end time Oct-20-06 18:30:12 PDT)

    eBay: Auth Louis Vuitton Monogram Cerises Cherry Speedy 25 (item 280041078689 end time Oct-23-06 16:35:24 PDT)
  10. Tell her to not even think about reporting to you to eBay.

    Or the PF will jump her in the street....ALL OF US :lol:
  11. It's obvious she's upset because she knows you are on to her.
    I am amazed how sellers of fakes just keep on insisting that is äbsoloutely authentic" when half the world knows it is definately NOT.
    I feel very sorry for the buyers though, that's a lot of money.
  12. i hope whoever won the auction doesn't fork up the $500! and did you see the other crap she's selling? a pack of multi-purpose cleaning wipes and a plastic christmas table cover...
  13. Ewwww :throwup:

    BTW - I see that you are a big 24 fan! I AM TOO!

    Are you going to the see the trailer tomorrow at 42nd Street? It's gonna be on the big Jumbotron screen! I'm going to see if I can sneak over there during my lunch break :supacool: