Ebay seller selling bag to pay for chemo?

  1. First, I would not have said that in the auction. Second, the bag ALMOST looked okay except the bottom feet are totally wrong and the stamp on the pochette is wrong.

    It was interesting to me, however, to see that the symmetry/placement of the monograming was good. These fakes are not always easy to spot. I'm no expert, that's for sure. Thanks to all here who have been so helpful!!! :woohoo:

  2. wow really strange. why would you list that in your action, chemo.

  3. Why? To pull on heart strings and hopefully get some VERY HIGH bids!
  4. Why? To pull on heart strings and hopefully get some VERY HIGH bids!

    Yep, I agree, it'll probably work too, but the problem is knowing whether the person is honest or not I guess.
  5. Well, if they are knowningly selling a FAKE bag, then I would never believe them when they say its for their son's surgies, Etc.

    You know. Fool me once, shame on you......
  6. first of all, chemo, without insurance, is outrageously expensive and the amount they would get for the bag wouldnt even make a dent. Why not sell their car? If they do have insurance, then why list the bag. Third of all, I don't think the bag is real, something about it................i am not an LV expert but there's something not right with it
  7. The bag is a FAKE, I reported it to eBay. Hopefully, the will pull the auction before it ends.
  8. Sad. Pathetically Sad.
  9. People have no shame. This is worse than that guy who sells the same fake high-end handbag over and over... He's selling it for his wife--his aunt--his niece. Always the same bag. His latest was bought at an estate sale..
  10. I have seen this before, where a person was stating something about chemo. it seemed true at that point but honestly I just don't see why you would mention that.

    as for this: disgusting, if it is fake anyway, and if he has a child it is also terrible if it isn't true.
  11. Isn't it awful how people try emotional blackmail for their own capital gains :sad:
  12. This is low.

    Let's all report this auction .
  13. I must be getting callous in my old age because it didn't pull at my heart strings for even a second. :shrugs:
  14. I think it's called getting cynical.......I'm just the same! I always question why anyone would say something like on an auction other than to try and sucker some poor fool into paying over the odds or trying to making it acceptable selling counterfeit crap
  15. Horrid fake. The bag and I don't doubt the illness also. Sad what people do to rip others off.