Ebay Seller Says He Knows Nothing About Balenciaga Sold By Him!

  1. O.K. girls, I need your help. I won an auction on eBay:


    I paid for the handbag on October 30th, and I haven't heard one word from the seller. I was contacted by another eBay buyer last night - she bought another Balenciaga handbag from this seller, and she hasn't heard anything from him either. You can look at his completed auctions, and you will see the other handbag. I am 99.9% sure that the handbag is authentic, but I now believe that the photos were stolen. I believe that I have bid on this handbag before!!!! I thought it was the same seller relisting the handbag - does anyone else recall seeing this handbag on eBay in the last six months or so? I contacted the "seller" via Ebay's contact info - got his sorry A** out of bed, and he told me that his "brother" must be using his account, and that he didn't know anything about any handbags. I have contacted Paypal, and I'm going to contact Ebay next, and next on the list will be Amex - so glad I paid via credit card!!! I am trying to find a link on Ebay to report this, but when I try to report via the "item not rec'd" link, it won't let me do that because not more than 10 days have elapsed. I am on hold right now for an Ebay rep, and have been holding about ten minutes. The Paypal form that I filled out - I just rec'd a copy of that, and it says that this is just a dispute between the seller and me!!! Here is what it says, "By opening a dispute, you are communicating with the seller, not PayPal, about this problem transaction. We will email you when your seller posts a response in the Resolution Center." So, I'm clearly not reporting on the correct link to Paypal either. Any suggestions!!!!??????:cursing::cursing:
  2. I think you need to escalate your dispute to a claim in order to get Paypal involved
  3. Still on hold for Ebay, and I think I'm just going to call Amex to report the fraud. this is crazy - Ebay and Paypal make this very difficult to report fraud! Wow! I'll go back to Paypal, and try to find another link.
  4. wow! I was watching this seller's auctions! I was very tempted to bid, but as the seller didn't answer my questions about the bag, I decided against it. oh dear, so sorry that this is happening to you.

    .....hey, a thought just came to me. can't you report this as a hijacked account to ebay? seller has denied that he put up those auctions right? would this help you in getting your money back faster? keep us updated and good luck!
  5. I also would report the link as stolen account to eBay but l agree in order to get your money back you will need to escalate the dispute process with Paypal and keep the email from the so called owner of the account.
  6. does the account holder not recieve payment either? i would assume that the transaction you made is in his account. he should refund you the money because im sure he has access to his paypal account. If he did not recieve the money then who????
  7. One thing I don't get... If someone "broke into his account" and put bags for sale that don't exist, wouldn't the questions people asked him about the bags (as they would be sent to his e-mail) have made him wonder what was going on? And if he all of a sudden got money from people paying for autions he didn't know anything about, shouldn't that have made him wonder as well?
    Sorry but I think he made up the whole story just to see if he can rip some people off and get away with it.
  8. If someone really hijacked his account, they could easily have redirected the emails and payments to a different address, so unless he's been active on the account himself he might not even have noticed.

    lovely, opening a dispute with Paypal just keeps a record of your communications with the seller so that if you later escalate it to a claim Paypal will have that history. You should escalate it immediately if you haven't already. But thank heavens you paid with Amex!
  9. That is an amazing bag! I hate that you wont be receiving it and that things are going bad. Good luck with this but I am sure things will turn out in your favor since you paid with Amex.
  10. On the paypal thing.. yes, you first open up a dispute.. AFTER that is open (no time limit) you then escalate it to a complaint. I recommend in this situation after it is opened go ahead and escalate it to complaint.
  11. What a story! But I have to echo what others have said -- thank goodness you paid with Amex. I always use my Amex for large purchases on eBay because in my opinion they are the best to deal with if you run across a fraudulent transaction. Keep us posted!
  12. I think seller's story is a little be suspicious. I don't trust PayPal. If I got into this kind of situation, I always go to my cc.