ebay seller responding to everyone but me!

  1. i'm so annoyed!

    i sent some general questions to a seller..

    i waited a couple of days, no response. i had another question about shipping so i sent her another message, i waited another day thinking maybe the seller was busy with every day life, still nothing. i checked the listing again today and see that since the 7th she's responded to other buyers questions/concerns!

    what is up with this?? i was totally sweet in my messages- the bag is a great deal but i wanted some more info before i took this kind of plunge. anyway, i sent her another message today asking her if she receive my other questions/resent them... what to do? what to do?

    this is alot of money, why would she ignore someone who would buy the bag if she replied?

    sorry, just needed to vent a bit.. :cursing:
  2. As a seller, I would say that it is really rude not to respond to an interested buyer. She could be short & brief but should respond regardless. Some general ?'s for you: Do you have good feedback & have you left good feedback for others? Do you have more then 10 feedbacks?
    If she doesn't respond to you... my first thought was she is hiding something.
  3. That IS weird! I wonder why that would be? I don't understand and I don't know why she'd be doing that....
  4. That just doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe she accidentally deleted your question.

    I would just ask again & if she doesn't respond then....well, do you really want to buy a bag from someone like this? I've walked away from salespeople in stores for being obnoxious or rude and I would view this in the same light.
  5. ^^I agree.
    I can see ignoring someone's question if they were just giving you a rude comment or lowball offer but if you were sincere, there's no reason why she should have ignored you.
  6. ACTRESS, jchiara, bagwatcher, Lvbabydoll i really don't get it at all. my feedback is 100% positive, maybe i don't have the highest number... only 32 transactions but all positive nonetheless. i've sent four messages now and i give up! i just find it so odd because i was dead set on buying this bag too!
  7. Ugh, well I'd just say to pass this one up then. That's pathetic and there's no reason why she should do that. I personally wouldn't want to deal with this person.
  8. I KNOW!!! Let us know what the question was and we'll ask it for you and then let you know the answer!!! :roflmfao: Wouldn't that be funny? Seriously - if you're like OMG this is the only one in existence - and you're not wearing the seller, ultimately - you're wearing the bag, then let us know what the listing is! The only thing is that we need to figure out who will ask it so this poor seller doesn't get the same question a dozen times!!! :nogood::supacool:
  9. maybe your question was not somethign she cared about sharing with the world.. so she ignored it?
    or maybe the questions she did answer were "staged" so she could put stuff on her listing to make it look like people were interested?

    who knows why people do what they do. But if she's this unresponsive before the sale, I'd walk away now.
  10. jchiara that's a clever idea! lol the item certainly isn't one of a kind, just at an amazing price that would make my boyfriend sigh with relief. i'd totally go for one of you asking the questions but i'd scared to pay someone who ignores harmless little me. oy!

    finzup my boyfriend totally said the same thing- he thinks this person answered convenient questions to lure people in. then again he's a lot more tough on sellers when it comes to eBay than i am.

    my final decision is: i give up!
  11. whatever the reason she has to ignore all your emails i would not give her any of my $$. That is very rude of a seller to do that and i would not waste my time with her auction
  12. Did you ask the question through the eBay message center? I won't answer any questions which aren't posed through the message center. But I also state that in my auctions.
  13. what is her eBay selling name????
  14. JoV i did! i'm not sneaky, i'm harmless really and i go about all ebay transactions according to the rules. maybe she found my questions tiresome? all i asked was if she would take more photos (which she said was not a probalby in her listing) and some specifics about shipping to canada. weird...

    menopausalmama i was going to post the item i'm complaining about but i don't want to give the seller a bad rap because of this one experience so i'm going to leave it out. she has 100% feedback with over 400 transactions so maybe she just doesn't like me.. as hard as that is to believe, i'm awesome. :weird: