Ebay seller recs for authentic Chloe boots?

  1. I want some boots to go with my Chloe bags, does anyone know of a reputable seller? Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you looked on the Yoox site. They had some gorgeous 2005 winter boots on sale last week.
    I always find boots harder to find on ebay than the bags, as the chance of getting them in the right size are slim

    oh, and by the way, I always buy one whole size larger in Chloe boots, they are very small fitting :smile:

    What colour is your paddy, and I can keep my eyes open for you
  3. Chloe-babe, thanks for the sizing tip- I have the argent (silver) satchel, and a mousse large pocket, but I also want to wear them with my chocolate betty- so I could do black or a neutral. What ever color I find- I'll find some way to carry my bags with them :smile:

    The pair I'm totally in love with are the ones from last fall, those fold over belted ones that are really slouchy. Good luck with me finding those- right? :smile:

    Thanks again for all your help, Chloe-babe!
  4. hi sparkle dust.
    these 3 pairs are on yoox at moment.
    what size are you :smile:
    how yummy are they!
    I like the riding boot style
  5. size 40
  6. I cant seem to find that first pair...
  7. they only had a tiny pair left of the first ones, I think it was a 36 which is why it was left!
    They have the black and tan in a UK size seven at the moment and the dark blue.

    I am so tempted by the blue ;)
  8. Awww :sad: the first pair is the style I'm lusting after-
    Those riding boots are really cool and the black/brown combination would go with most anything.
  9. I think you could wear either of those pairs, and mix and match them easily because they are such versatile colours. I bought this pair last year and wore them every single day, and I will not even need to buy a new pair this year, as they were made so well they are still in fab condition :smile:

    but we will be sure to keep our eyes open for the first pair in a size 40 too, you never know, could get lucky :biggrin:
  10. Nordstrom SF had some Chloe boots that they were offering me for 40% off. I bought a diff pair of Chloe shoes.
  11. I have just had a look on ebay for you Sparkle. I would not even think about buying a pair, fakes everywhere :sad:
  12. Okay I'll definitely steer clear of ebay- I'd hate to buy a fake pair-
    and thanks ladies for helping me out with my quest ;)