ebay seller question

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  1. Hello. I was just wondering if any of you have bought any toki bags from this eBay seller:


    I remember she was the one who sold the Famiglia Scuola before it even hit the market so yeah. Her pictures are so burry and what not so I just wanna know how trustworthy she is. Seems okay to me but I just wanna double check. Thanks!
  2. Hi Kim, I bought my famiglia denaro from her, and it was authentic... she also shipped very fast. Although, I don't think you're allowed to post specific eBay names in the forum so you might want to edit your post (Ayla, am I right on this?); I think you can just post links to specific auctions.
  3. ooopss I'm sorry about that...thank you gingiemay for the infors!! I've always wanted a l'amore caramella so i'm so excited to see it! haha Thanks again.
  4. No prob! Good luck on the auction, hope you win it!