Ebay seller: Patina

  1. Anyone buy from this seller? The offer a meet at store/authenticate from mgr. option. Where you pay in person? Would anyone do this?

    Please advise.
  2. I would do this with at least 1 friend following.
  3. Yes..absolutely! Good advice, thank you.
  4. your welcome! and don't go when you're blood sugar is low........= impulse buying. hahahahaha!!!

    today is day 2 of little-no carbs. and boy do I have one excedrin sized headache! haha~!!
  5. OMG! I just started no carbs too! Sucks huh?:yucky: I've done it before tho, and it just takes a few weeks to get use to it.
  6. i'd do it!

  7. seems like forever though. I have done it before too. But the last time was 4 years ago and it was for almost a year.....is there a tPF diet forum?
  8. She's a TPF member!
  9. ^^^ She WAS tPF member - now sofa king banned


    Her eBay items look okay - I'm a bit paranoid. I would prefer to pay with a CC through PayPal so I have some protection no matter who is selling.

    However, if you meet at LV and the item has been confirmed by the SM to be authentic, you may feel comfortable paying cash.

  10. banned? eek, never a good sign....

    meeting at a boutique is a sure fire way to know its authentic and you are not getting screwed.
  11. Wow! How do you get yourself banned??? That's pretty bad. I don't know now. This pay in person with cash thing leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong. She requires that payment be made within 72 hrs, which is totally reasonable, but what if she's unable to meet me at the boutique for whatever reason? Hmmmm, don't know what to do.:shrugs:
  12. Ooooh I didn't know she was banned! :wtf:
  13. I have purchased from her before and it was authentic!
  14. I have also purchased with her before and it was authentic as well! I got my framboise vernis billfold waller from her...love ittt
  15. She is very responsive from my past Q&A's with her although I've never had the chance to buy.

    I heard she got banned because she kept advertising her site on TPF when her account wasn't old enough... harmless :shrugs: