ebay seller ok?

  1. Have any of you bought from vipfashions? Are the items authentic?

  2. Hi girlies. I have purchased quite a few items from them, all being clothing and shoes. Everything was authentic, and I was very satisfied. Shipping was quick, and customer service was fairly good.
  3. Today it's my first visit here! But I actually know that the designer jeans of vipfashions are authentic :yes: That's why I suppose that the other items are authentic too...

    Sorry for my bad english but I'm a german member :oh:
  4. I have bought jeans many times from VIPFashions and they have all been authentic. I'm sure their bags are real as well.
  5. Just hit Buy it Now for the large Longchamp Les Pliages in Chocolate (only mediums left :smile: ) couldn't resist the urge to hit Buy it Now for a pair of Mini Uggs as well, great for lounging around the house :wlae:

    Will update when I receive the items, hopefully I'll be happy with vipfashions.

    :heart: baggiegirl
  6. Hi All,
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I have also purchased from vipfashions and received authentic goods. The seller is also good about responding to questions in a timely manner. Good luck!:smile: