ebay seller: ocfashions?

  1. has anyone ever bought from her. i am eyeing something from her. looks authentic, but would like too know someone's experience with the seller.

    ps: please dont close the post, i wasnt asking anyone to authenticate. just asking about the seller.
  2. She has a nice chanel bag I've been eyeing, but my friend had difficulties with her and ended up backing out of an auction she won because of it.
    So I hesitate a bit in bidding....then again, I'm an ebay chicken :wtf:
  3. we must be eyeing the same bag....LOL
    anyways, what difficulties did your friend have with her. the bag that i am eyeing is so tempting.
  4. I recently come across this seller too.
    Is this seller known for authentic goods?
  5. If it is a specific item you're looking at and it is bag related, or even just designer, you'd probably do better asking in the authenticate this thread in the relevant sub-forum.
  6. Doh! I am a complete idiot, sorry - should have read your post more carefully before wading in with my two feet first and replying as I did above. You have my permission to :lecture:me!