Ebay seller: mydecorate, high overprice?

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  1. Yes, truthfully I think it's kind of ridiculous to take advantage of the bluefly, barneys, outnet sell and then repost three and four pairs of the same style for twice the price on Ebay. To me, it seems like the shoes will just sit there, very lonely, for a long time. Because anyone smart and educated enough will know these were on sale styles. But then again, I am sure everyone isn't as up to date as I am, and most of you ladies.
  2. :lolots: He wants $90 for some forever 21 shoes!! Yeah, I noticed as well, though. He also thinks he has the only pair of black rolandos on ebay. D00d. Ain't foolin' nobody. What can ya do, though?
  3. It's a reseller markup. Same reason resellers on can sell birkins for 13,000 and 14,000.

    Luckily we have a choice on where and how we spend our money. If we want resellers like this to go away, we can choose to not patronize them.`
  4. Well said naked....
  5. Yep. This.
  6. Agreed. It is a choice we make-we do not have to buy from sellers that are asking absurd amounts. It is their right to do it though.
  7. I'm pretty sure this guy/girl makes a living off these auctions (and likely doesn't pay taxes, either). I've heard of people who actually do that.
  8. Yes, probably someone who works for one of the major dep't stores, gets the shoes at a discount and resells. This is why they are always sold out!! Is this style being re-released this season? There is another (fishy) seller doing the same but she is only asking about half the price.
  9. Could also be a customer who has a SA who's willing to hold sale shoes for them. I've heard of SAs who hold shoes for weeks, even months, for certain customers. Then when sales roll around, they buy tons of shoes in all different sizes and colors.
  10. Watch out, in case anyone is tempted, mydecorate is an ebay shark who plays dirty with buyers.
    I speak from experience.
    I didn't leave negative FB because I didn't proceed with a purchase. I still lost money on the transaction though.

    Just letting y'all know. . . knowledge is power ;)
  11. ^ straigh laced may i ask what happened , you can pm me if youd like :smile:
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    pm'ed you imma :smile: