ebay seller monkelberryfinn or purse-n-boots-fashion?

  1. Does anyone have experience with either monkelberryfinn or purse-n-boots-fashion?

    Do either sell authentic, can anyone vouch based on personal experience?

  2. monkelberryfinn is selling a fake Fendi Spy complete with fake receipt and imaginary story, so I personally wouldn't get anywhere near any of their listings.
  3. Thanks litigatrix,

    I guess if you have to ask you kinda already have a bad feeling huh?

    Still wondering about purse-n-boots-fashion?
  4. x
  5. lol! looks like the source came right to you to answer your question! ^^^^ tPF is great like that!!

    also, from my experience, purse-n-boots sells authentic. :smile:
  6. purse-n-boots has some nice bags! :smile:
  7. thanks all! I posted that a while back:smile:

    Since then i've learned purse n boots sells authentic:tup: