Ebay seller luxury garage sale reviews/opinions?

Apr 12, 2009
Land Locked
Hi All, I haven't posted a lot in tpf for a while but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this eBay seller? Positive feedback is 99.5% but there are very few recent negatives. I realize that there are people who are never going to be happy, so I try to take a few negatives with a grain of salt. I'm hoping someone here has first-hand experience before I start asking them for more pix. Thanks so much!



Feb 9, 2006
I have purchased from them a couple times, one time being very recently. No problems whatsoever. If you look at the feedback numbers you're pulling, they have over 10,000 feedback in the last year, with "only" 47 being negative. That's far less than 1% of their transactions!

As long as you have realistic expectations and take time to look at pictures & descriptions, I'd say your odds of being happy with your purchase, are pretty good [emoji846]