Ebay seller listings

  1. How long does it take for the purse I listed to show up on eBay search results? It's been almost 2 hours now.
  2. I have heard if listings not showing up for 24 hours, this problem has got worse lately for some sellers
  3. 24 hours! That's ridiculous, considering the listing is for 7 days. That takes 1 day off of my listing! Thanks, BagAngel, for responding.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely a full day before it shows up. Crazy!
  5. It does depend on the bag. The higher end it is, the longer it takes, unfortunately. :sad: eBay should definitely add an extra day to your auction for taking that long. Especially when I see SOOOOO many fakes (and to verify authenticity is presumably why they do this)!
  6. Someone made the suggestion earlier today in a different forum that we all should pitch in a few bucks and set up an auction site like eBay just to buy and sell handbags through this website.

    Changing the subject........... some other things that irk me about eBay:

    When I list items, I get tons of spam disguising behind the "ask seller a question about the item", trying to get me to go to their website to buy cheap fake counterfeits.

    Then later I get all these emails from eBay warning me I might have been solicited outside of ebay etc etc.

    So annoying
  7. it really depends on the bag or item and the seller. some show up right away, some take a few hours, some take about 12 hours. i have only heard of one that was 24. but it really depends.
  8. My listing on an LV bag took nearly 48 hours to show up! LOL Frustrated as i was, i thought that was hilarious. Ebay is becoming such a PAIN.
  9. I just set my mail preferences to delete any emails containing the email address that ebay sends these warnings from! lol. I was getting way too annoyed. :p
  10. mine have been taking 10-12 hrs too:sad:
  11. My bag was on there this morning, and now it is gone??!! I can still get to it through "My Ebay" and have not gotten an email about it being taken down . . . it is starting to make me crazy!
  12. I experienced that yesterday. Listed at noonish, at 10:40 pm, the bag is still nowhere on ebay except in my My Ebay section. Sent ebay an email about this.
  13. Did you revise the auction after the initial listing? This happened to me too, but it was because I revised the auction description. Argh!:cursing:
  14. My last listing took 24 hours to appear! And then there are fakes that appear much faster... because their's is cheaper??? :cursing:
  15. my shortest wait for an auction to show has been 8 hours. go friggin figure. we should be creditited for this crap.