Ebay seller? Is this authentic?

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  1. hi, did anyone buy from this seller before? Are their stuff all original? Reason I am asking is bec they had a bracelet I was dying for ( sold now) but when I checked their other items, they had TONS of designer custom jewelry listed as pre owned! Like TONS! How could they get all these preowend? Given that some of their items are actually still current... for the experts out there, do you think they sell authentic or fakes?

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  2. I don't know about the other brands, but this seller sells fake Chanel costume jewelry (and many are horrible fakes). It's really sad that they have such good ratings (how is this even possible?). I see this a lot on Ebay, scammers with feed backs in the hundreds selling mainly, or only fake Chanel jewelry. They have a 100% rating, several different IDs and have made a fortune scamming unsuspecting buyers. I can report as often as I want, but Ebay is not doing anything about it. I don't understand why buyers are so gullible and don't authenticate before, or at least after buying.
    And it does not help that counterfeiters have managed to copy lots of pieces so terrifying well, including all the packaging....
  3. When I first saw this question, I did a little poking around and now that @ironic568 has posted that the seller has fakes, I'll comment on what I found.

    According to the seller's listings, she's located in New York. Although she's been an ebay member since 2009, her ID wasn't "refashion" until 2017.

    It appears that in 2017, refashionconsignment changed her name to capitalize on an established (website) seller with a similar name and located in Medford, Oregon, Refashion Consignment Shop LLC.

    According to the whois lookup for the original Refashion Consignment Shop (whose website is myrefashion.com), they've been in business since 2010, so the ebay seller "borrowed" the same name.

    My personal opinion is that a seller who tries to profit by using another seller's name doesn't seem to have the best sense of ethics.

    Combine that with Ironic's finding that the ebay seller has counterfeit Chanel jewelry, I think you have the answer to your question.
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