eBay seller holding my item

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  1. Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone can offer a little insight or advice on this...

    Last Saturday (April 28) I won an item on eBay and paid immediately through PayPal. The auction was for a rhinestone encrusted Sidekick 3 and my total was upwards of $400. I also sent the seller a message asking when she though she'd be sending it out to me and that I'd love to get it as soon as possible.

    The woman writes me back on Tuesday and tells me that she's waiting for my payment to clear and that she'll be holding the phone until it does. After reading her message, I logged into my PayPal account to check the status of my payment and it said 'complete.' What's more, in the details of the payment it said 'instant transfer.'

    I wrote her back and told her all of this, to which she responded that PayPal is wrong, she's had money taken back from her after she's sent out items and she'll e-mail me when it ships. That was Thursday morning.

    In her listing, it did mention holding items, but only "for two business days." And from her e-mails, she has zero sense of urgency to get it out to me, even though I expressed interest at the beginning to get the package ASAP - and even offered to send additional money to do so. It's now over a week later - I have to assume that my payment has "cleared." The money has been deducted from my bank account.

    Do I have a right to be annoyed? And what can I do to get her to send me my item?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!!
  2. According to paypal, sellers have to ship withing 7 days of receipt of a payment, she's already violated that. She obviously waiting for it to clear in to her bank account which is wrong. It's been over a week, i'd file an item not received just get her moving shipping it.
  3. I would be filing a complaint against her through paypal. This is very shady. She could be waiting for the money to go to her bank account, so that way paypal can't touch her if she has no money in her account.
    What is her feedback like?

  4. I swear I thought I read 'here' that eBay states that a seller has up to 30 days to ship out?
  5. It does sound exactly like that, your seller is waiting for the funds to actually clear into her personal bank account and not clear thru paypal.
    I would contact the seller and ask her to explain why it is taking so long to ship as the payment has already cleared. Also how much is paypal offering in protection, $200 or $2000?
  6. No, it's seven days.
  7. I think the seller is right. If you paid by an "instant" bank transfer/echeck whatever, it will show that it has cleared your account, but it still needs to clear via paypal on her end. You need to wait for your item and not be so pushy. You've probably made her nervous and suspicious by insisting on having the item ASAP. She probably feels that you would cancel the payment transaction after she's sent it.
  8. I've had payments take more than a week to clear. But I would call paypal and actually see if it has cleared through their system if you say it's been more than a week.
  9. A seller has the right to not ship until the money has been credited to her checking or savings account. Until that happens the buyer can cancel payment or file a claim, etc against the seller. If she shipped it and then the payment was cancelled, then she would be out that money. I never ship until those funds have been deposited and cleared my account.
  10. I can totally understand her not wanting to be out the money. It's just that her listing said she would hold items for two days - which is clearly not the case - and I did mention, and very politely at that, the fact that I wanted to have it get to me as soon as possible. I don't know about making her "nervous," as the same thing could be said for me after paying and feeling that there was really no movement on her end.

    In the midst of all this, I checked my e-mail this morning at work and had a message from her that she sent at like 4 a.m. today saying that she sent it UPS on Friday - but she didn't send the tracking info, so I wrote back and asked if she would. Hopefully it'll come today or tomorrow. I guess we'll see.

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone; they are much appreciated!!!
  11. She definitely shouldn't say she'll hold items for two days if she holds until funds clear. She should've specified that. Of course, from her perspective, even if you've acted in good faith, she still has to protect herself, and in protecting herself, she clearly disregarded your preferences. That's very unfortunate, but it happens often.

    eBay is out of necessity a space of mutual distrust. It's a wonder any business gets conducted at all. And she really, really should've sent you the tracking information.
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    If a seller is using paypal they do not have the right to not ship until funds are in the bank account, unless they don't want to be covered by the seller protection policy. To be covered they must ship within 7 days.
  13. Seller's excuse sounds lame. No way should it take a transfer a week to clear PayPal. Good to hear the SK is on its way!
  14. I've actually had instant transfers and e-checks take TEN days to clear my bank account.
    And I never ship anything until the money posts to my account.
  15. A ebay seller has 30 days to ship, and if they want paypal protection, need to ship within 7. But if you look up selling guidelines, they do have 30 days.