Ebay seller has not contacted me yet.. =T any advise??

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  1. I just won a vintage jumbo on eBay .. approximately 14 hours ago.
    I emailed the seller 3x ... and I still have not received anything back.
    Is this weird?? Or is this normal? (My first time winning something on eBay)
    How much longer should I wait?? =P
    Or should I go ahead and pay without hearing from her first? :sad:
  2. I would wait / time difference
  3. I say wait for an invoice. eBay recommends paying after receiving an invoice for the sold item.
    Some sellers just don't communicate, they can just ship the item after getting paid and never send you an email.
    Good luck!
  4. Yes!
    Wait for the invoice or when the seller makes contact with you!
  5. I got the invoice~ That says how much to pay .. does that mean the seller sent it?? or is it automatic?? I wanted to contact them because I wanted to add insurance :sad: Any other advice?? I'm worried =(
  6. Yes, the seller sent the invoice; it is not automatic. If insurance wasn't included in the auction and you are willing to pay for it, definitely email her again and wait for a response before paying.
  7. ^ okay! thanks a lot!!!

    hopefully, ill get a reply tonite.
  8. oh & i am pretty sure it is their first time selling >_< !!
    i hope all goes well ahhh~ paranoid..
  9. Honestly, the sellers are responsible for insurance not you, but if you are willing to pay for it. Have you even tried to pay, I know I have my invoices set so the buyers can adjust the total if they need to.
  10. if i do not get insurance? what's the worst that could happen??
  11. If you pay with paypal nothing. The seller is responsible for getting the item to you in the condition it was described. If it gets lost, or damaged in shipping you are covered.

    It doesn't matter if the seller states in the listing that they are not responsible for the item once it ships because if you pay with paypal they are.
  12. OMG REALLY????

    wait, how would i be covered if the item gets lost? Would I get my money back? how does this work? thanks 4theloveofit :heart:
  13. It only applies if you pay with Paypal, and if you pay with a credit card through Paypal, even better. If you don't get the item you file an 'Item not received' dispute with Paypal, the seller has to prove you signed for it, when they can't then Paypal refunds you from the sellers Paypal account. The seller then has to claim on the insurance to get their money back. If Paypal is unable to recover the funds then you can file a chargeback on your credit card and your credit card company will refund you.
    It's up to the sellers to send their packages with signature confirmation and insurance to protect themselves.
  14. You would file an INR or item not received with paypal, as long as the DC number does not show it as being delivered, wich if it is lost it won't, Paypal will decide in your favor and get your money back.
  15. As an added precaution, in addition to paying with paypal, make sure you pay with a credit card, NOT with existing funds in your paypal account. That way if god forbid something goes wrong and paypal doesn't side with you, you can do a chargeback with your credit card. I find that Amex is best for these situations.