Ebay Seller Handbagstore2000???Legit?

  1. Anyone know of the seller...handbagstore2000? I suspect fakes but just need clarification..thanks.
  2. The Pradas definitely look fake. Check out this listing:

    The bag is supposed to be camel color and the gallery pic is camel and the other pics are of a black bag, which looks really fake. I didn't look closely at the other listings, but the Pradas don't look good. I've never dealt with this seller, but based on the pics I wouldn't buy from him/her....JMO!
  3. I would say fake also....better to avoid...IMO
  4. THanks friends.
  5. Check out the white whipstitching on the black pics. It's uneven. That's a sure sign of a fake!
  6. Shall we report them? Surprising eBay has not kicked them off yet.