Ebay Seller Gammaford?

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  1. Is this seller legit? I am looking at a Kooba bag that the seller bought from gammaford. I looked at gammaford's ebay items and apparently has sold a lot of kooba at low prices. Fakes? This could potentially be my first Kooba, and I want to make sure I buy authentic. Thanks.
  2. Ohhh, so thats the username of 'Elite Fashion and home decor'...

    Hmmm...well this seller has definately listed a fake brownish looking sienna and a fake Piage in the past, because I remember checking them out snd seeing the nasty leather on the sienna. When I checked her history there isnt any info on these two items so Im wondering of they were reported and removed by ebay?????
    Her othes koobas, like the kiera for example, look good though.
  3. Whew! Why even take a chance??
  4. ^ I kinda agree, selling fake bags on ebay is like a 1 strike and you're out situation.
  5. Ok...I did some digging about and I found the sienna in question..
    I had to go through goofbay as the sienna wasnt listed on the sellers Ebay feedback listing as the person who bought it hasnt left feedback for it yet, and the seller hasnt left feedback for the buyer either.
    Forgive me if Im wrong but this is a fake sienna right? Im going by the leather??
  6. Ick. That's fake. The leather is waaay to shiney, the way I view it.
  7. This is that weird seller I almost bought a black Kooba Tote from. I think it was Grace that warned me off it because she has a weird selling history. Some are obvious 100% fakes and then some are okay. I wrote her asking questions and she was none so polite or pleasant so if there is a problem with an auction I doubt you will be greeted with a friendly accomidating seller.
  8. Looks fake to me...alexis, I would never buy anything from a seller whose dealt with fakes in the past..her ethics just aren't there, just be patient and the real deal will pop up somewhere!:smile:
  9. Thanks for the advice everybody. I'm dying to get my hands on a Kooba Lucy. After poking around on TPF, I first thought I wanted a Lena, then a Carla, then a Ginger-but after seeing the Britney pic with the Lucy, I knew that is what I want. I will keep looking and of course seek out your advice again I am sure.
  10. I know how you feel, alexis77......first I wanted a Jillian, and now I am gravitating toward a Jessie because of that beautiful raisin color and python embossing, and now I want a Jillian again. I feel like I am on a mental Kooba merry-go-round!! I wish I would hurry up and make up my mind and just do it so that I can move on...to another Kooba!! :popcorn:
  11. First, fantastic emoticon! I mean, really!

    Second, I also empathize with these exact feelings, first the Paige, then the Jillian, then the Ada, then the Sloane, then the Ada again... I think that it's because the bags are all wonderfully delicious (and TPF feeds the addiction) that we just have to cave in and get them all! :winkiss:

    So I thought the icon was a yellow face popping pills, yknow, because of the head-spinning, Kooba-lovin...when I looked for the wink one, I saw it was popcorn. Still, effective, I'm just a little nuts.
  12. LOL Amy, Yes, I suppose a beer drinking Vicodan popping emoticon would be more akin to our "addictive qualities"...LOL
    I just spend too many hours at night scouring ebay. I need to go have a glass of wine and pop a few Xanax and CHILLLLLLLLL. :sleepy:
  13. Seriously! I'm a nightly scourer too! ...thinking I may find a good deal, and I have found a few steals (antique rose python mackenzie for $63-i still can't get over it) but yea, I'm right there with you! Yay impulsiveness!