Ebay seller fififabulous

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  1. Any advice? Are all hers item authentic as she post them?
  2. Why start a thread asking about a particular seller? Why not get whatever you are interested in authenticated in the appropriate AT thread?

    Just because a seller has a history of selling authentic doesn't mean you shouldn't get every subsequent potential purchase authenticated. I don't know anything about this seller so I can't tell you if she is honest or not, but even honest people might mistakenly list a fake unless they take care to authenticate their items before listing or buy from a reputable source.

    JMO: I think it is a bad practice to create a thread with a seller's name in the title, particularly one that isn't a huge store. I'd be upset if someone created a thread about my ebay account. People might get the wrong impression that you had a complaint about me.

  3. ITA

    I have never understood why that is even allowed here. It could also be good advertising for the seller as everyone checks them out

  4. You are right and indeed I post the item there for authentication but no answer yet. Sorry if I did wrong posting this but first time buying from auction site and new to the forum. My apologies.
  5. Ha, I actually thought this was pretty good advertising, as I did go to look at her auctions - she has gorgeous items (and so many!!!). That hermes scarf is just too stinking cute. :smile:
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