ebay seller - darios-biz

  1. i have no idea abotu him but dont buy outside of ebay! he can run off with your money and ebay cant do anything about it cos it had nothing to do with them. its happened over and over again if he is honest with you (im pretty sure) he can offer you a BIN only addressed to you for the item
  2. he says too high the fees, and he can give me discount if i buy outside ebay. i will pay via paypal cc, can i claim it back if something happen? he has been very nice helpful and very responsive to my emails.
  3. I dont know its your choice just be very causious if you are going to buy outside of ebay, good luck
  4. You can't do anything outside of ebay. He just wants to get rid of the bag. He knew the fees before he posted on ebay. I wouldn't go through with a purchase outside of ebay, unless I knew the person, or dealt with them before.
  5. yeah its risky i know. how much are the fees really?
    has anyone tried to claim back from paypal paid by cc?
  6. the paypal claims take up to 6 months, and in most cases they almost always side with the seller, so i wouldn't risk it! if it seems too good to be true, dont do it!
  7. It also seems like a bad sign when the user ids are private.
  8. ok girls, the seller has agreed to do the selling thru ebay, so it would be safe for me.
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