ebay Seller copies photos of our PFer Katherine* Thomas

  1. sorry, its ELIZABETH*THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what a dirt bag! he's stolen pics from all over ebay, populated an entire business from other people's listing pics (including other fakes, but they are all duplicates)!
  3. why is it still up there?
  4. Unbelievable! :cursing: I reported a couple tonight too.
  5. This same a**h**** does it every single darn day. He or she steals other peoples Ebay names then steals their auction text and pictures. My mom has called Ebay and told them off then they finally removed them all. I called once and gave up. Ebay is a lost cause. Their trust and security division does nothing. One night they stole some ladies name and listed about 50 bags with all stolen pictures and text. The lady saw it and ended them all herself. This scammer is a LOSER. It makes me so mad. :cursing:
  6. I went and looked and he got lucky tonight and sold about 5. I emailed one of the buyers. I don't care if Ebay doesn't like it. That is such BS.:cursing:
  7. ^^ He actually sold some! Ahh that makes me mad! :cursing:
  8. the auction was taken down. :biggrin:
  9. yea it's gone....
  10. I reported the origan twiggy last night too. I recognized it as hers because I had looked at her auctions earlier in the day (I bought her navy/cornflower twiggy yesterday).
  11. This is why I never bother to watermark my photos. It doesn't help at all.
  12. I always feel to bad going to ebay now to look for bags after finding this forum. I see all those bidders who are bidding on really bag fakes and I feel bad for them. If I can spot them with my untrained eye ebay should see it as well.
  13. But how stupid do you have to be to MISS the fact that her name was on the original photo! I contact as many buyers as I can on auctions and tell them they are bidding on a fake bag. I dont care if its against the ebay rules.
  14. Good job Oh Donna!! :graucho: