Ebay seller cocolady345 retaliates by spreading computer virus

  1. [FONT=&quot]A friend of mine filed Paypal against a deal with cocolady345. It was a while ago. But now she got computer virus when reading an attached file sent by ebay seller cocolady345.

    If you have any dispute with cocolady345, past or future, then you'd better be careful when getting email directly sent from cocolady345 personal email account. Don't read any attachment from this seller. Read only email that is sent via ebay's mail system.
  2. Has this happened to anyone other than your friend? Could be a mere coincidence :shrugs:
  3. No, it cannot happen to anyone.

    It can happen only to those who bid/win/dispute with this seller. This seller knows your email address to send you virus when you win his/her auction.

  4. just want to add that this is obviously pure speculation.
  5. If you use a good anti-virus program and keep it updated (same thing with anti-spyware), it shouldn't matter.

    That seller may have a problem that she doesn't know about - a lot of people are pretty flaky about virus and spyware protection and haven't a clue that they are sending out all this garbage to others.