Ebay Seller Brandoff Sent Me Wrong Item - What do I do now? Help!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a Louis Vuitton Montorgueil PM in Monogram Canvas from Ebay Seller Brandoff on March 27, 2014 for $539.00

    I redeemed an Ebay coupon for 10% off an item of $25.00 or more therefore I paid $485.10 ($539.00 - $53.90 = $485.10)

    This was the listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271436445545?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2648

    The seller sent out my package on April 01,14 and it arrived this afternoon April 04,14

    I excitedly opened the package to find that it is a Speedy 30 in Monogram canvas inside instead of my Montorgueil PM in Monogram canvas :sad: Not only is it not my bag -- but it is in bad condition and had very strong odor of mothballs.

    Here are my Pictures that I've just taken:







    I was shocked, angry, confused, disappointed and sad all at the same time. I did some detective work and searched the seller's completed listings - typed in "Speedy 30" and I believe I've found the original listing of the Speedy 30 that I received. It was the seller's most recently sold item in his completed listings list when I typed in "Speedy 30" sold on March 29,14 which was 2 days after I bought my Montorgueil PM on March 27,14. The seller had sent out my package on April 1,14 so it makes sense that he made a mistake and sent me this Speedy 30 that he sold on March 29,14.

    This is the original listing of the Speedy 30 that I received instead of the Montorgueil PM that I had purchased: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Auth-LOUIS-VUITTON-Monogram-Canvas-Speedy-30-Handbag-Boston-Bag-/271438396777?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item3f32fd3d69&nma=true&si=6MdSAH0e%252FOKGCOP%252BR2ZaupWTFn8%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    Notice the date code that the seller put under remarks in his description in the body of the listing:

    Date code: SD0046

    Here is the picture of the date code on the Speedy 30 that I had received instead of my Montorgueil PM:


    So would my next step be to contact the seller? I have not done so yet. My biggest fear is he will try to turn it around and make me look like I am trying to do a bait and switch.

    This is upsetting and making me nervous...

    I paid for double the amount ($539.00) and the bag that I received sold for only $249.00

    Someone out there has the bag that I've paid for in their possession in which they probably paid only $249.00 for....

    I do not want to send this bag back to Japan out of my own pocket because the last time I had to return a bag that was not as described to another seller from Japan had costed me $85.00

    We can say I am not going to get the bag that I paid for right? Since the seller had probably sent it to another buyer by mistake already.

    And lets say he is willing to refund me -- I will only get back the amount I paid which is $485.10 right?

    The other $53.90 was the savings I had from applying the 10% off ebay coupon... The 10% coupon was going to expire at 11:59pm on the day that I paid for the Montorgueil PM --

    So would I get back the $53.90 discount or get reimbursed back the 10% off coupon? Or am I SOL for the 10% coupon and only get back what I paid which is $485.10?

    This sucks --- I really wanted my Montorgueil PM :sad:

    Thanks for reading this and please advise me on what I should do next.... I don't want any more issues or complications on this transaction :sad:
  2. I'd contact your seller & give them the opportunity to work this out with you.
  3. I have had ebay sellers mix-up my item with that of another buyer twice. Both times I received a lesser value item. And both times it was sorted out by the seller. As hotshot said, contact the seller. It is up to him to make it right and he probably will.
  4. Contact the seller. Perhaps they can recall the other package.

  5. What I find odd is that I got my correct paper works in the package - It said the correct item and price ect.... How is that possible?

    He also included the Louis Vuitton dustbag and lock/keys (something he promised to do for me via ebay messages) the speedy 30 in the listing isn't suppose to come with any accessories...

    I will contact the seller now --- crossing my fingers all will be well... Sigh
  6. Honestly, if buying pre-loved causes you so much stress, it may not be worth it.

    I don't mean to sound harsh but the way you are constantly posting in the ATLV, having us double and triple check your items and now freaking out over this- which sounds like a simple mix up, is it really worth all this anxiety?

    I'm sorry it happened - but just take a deep breath and contact your seller. Because it was their mistake, ask them to send you a prepaid return label and send the bag back (WITH TRACKING). Hopefully they didn't send the Monty to another buyer but if they did, another will come along.

    Good luck!

  7. It is possible that it was a mix up.. just give the seller an opportunity
    to respond & correct the error..
  8. What's so odd about a seller mixing up the items that go into each package? This is a high volume seller. Mistakes happen.

    What I don't understand is why you keep going back to this seller with whom you seem to have had problems.

    This thread is from December:

    Yet since December, you've received at least 10 feedbacks from Brandoff from purchases you made since then!

    If I were so unhappy with a seller and his descriptions and condition of the items, I sure wouldn't go back to him. And if I were the seller, I would have blocked someone who seeemed so unhappy.

    Obviously you like Brandoff's items. Why not just contact them and see how they handle their error?
  9. I tend to agree that buying second hand might not be for you; you've had four items you considered to be SNAD just in February and March of this year alone. For the piece of mind that you get about authenticity and condition, buying from the boutique is probably worth the extra $.
  10. Looks like a straightforward mix-up with shipping labels rather than some elaborate attempt to have you receive a cheaper item!

    Contact the seller in a calm and professional manner and explain what has happened:


    I was really looking forward to receiving my xxxxxx, (include sale link) that I purchased from you on xxxxx.

    Unfortunately, there seems to have been a mix-up with the shipping labels and what I actually received was a Monogram Speedy (which I believe was the one you sold here xxxxx).

    I don't know if you have shipped the item I purchased to the Speedy buyer in error too?

    I would appreciate it if you would contact me regarding returning the Speedy to you and hope you will be able to ship my correct purchase to me as soon as possible or contact me to discuss alternatives if my purchase is also missing. I would be grateful if you would pay for me to return this item to you via a pre-paid shipping label.

    I'd be grateful if you could let me know how to proceed as soon as possible.
    Many thanks.
  11. ^^This.
  12. Agree with other members. Just contact the seller. I am sure the seller will rectify their mistake and refund your funds. But they can't do anything if they don't know. The person who received your bag may already have contacted them about getting the wrong bag.
  13. I have contacted the seller and he had apologized and told me he will try to fix the mistake as best as he can. The seller had already contacted the buyer and asked them to either refuse the package or accept and send the bag back to the seller. He told me that he will send me the Monty as soon as he gets it back.

    For me, he had asked me to send the Speedy 30 back via express mail international and send him a picture of the receipt - he will pay me back the return shipping costs via PayPal.

    Since returning the wrong bag is between the seller and myself and not any transaction, there is no way I could go to ebay or PayPal if the seller should decide to not pay me back the returning shipping if he thinks its too high ect..

    Should I go to the post office and get the total of the exact costs and let the seller know to pay me via PayPal first before I send the bag back to Japan? I would send it right away after I get the payment and will message the seller with the tracking info along with a picture of the receipt to prove the total costs of the return shipping.

    Or should I just go ahead and send it back first and hope that he will reimburse me after I send him the picture of the receipt? I'm just worried he will think its too high as last time I sent a neverfull mm back to another Japanese seller and it costed $85 out of my own pocket.

  14. Brandoff will do the right thing by you. They are a high volume seller and will rectify this.
    I think that you should probably consider buying new from the boutique as well. Buying preowned seems to stress you, and I think you'd be much happier with new items.
    Let us know how this turns out.
  15. The only new items in my collection are my mini pochette and my speedy 30 DE.
    My collection would be nonexistent without the authenticators at ATLV and the preloved market. I have no more issues with Snad since the last time I made a thread and have learned to ask for extra detailed pics of condition and read all descriptions.

    This is just the first time I got a totally different bag so didn't know what was the proper way to handle it. I wrote this thread in the moment of opening the package so was emotional.

    Now that it has happened to me I know for next time should it happen again.

    My problem is my own problem and nothing against sellers of preowned market. I am OCD and over think over analyze everything in every aspect of my life. Buying preloved items is actually my only enjoyment and hobby and the least stressful thing for me. I get such a rush when I score an awesome deal which I do all of the time :smile:

    So you may not believe but this is not me stressing at all -- I know it is clear I have a problem and I worry and stress about the small things in life that most people dont get bothered by. I will try to fix it while I'm still young as it would only get worse as I get older.

    Thanks :smile: