eBay seller boycott... Article from CNN

  1. eBay's response makes me SO angry:
    ""However, when our sellers have had ample opportunity to evaluate the entire package we now offer and consider the traffic and trading velocity we deliver every day, we are confident that they will conclude eBay remains their best business partner."

    So basically, they don't care how much the new rules will negatively affect us sellers because they're our only option. They're pretty much just telling us, 'tough crud.' UGH.
  2. eBay don't give a fudge because they have the monopoly
  3. Exactly, they are such money hungry idiot's. They know that there is no other "real" auction site that is trusted. They know they have the upper hand. So ridiculous!
  4. I just saw this on CNN. Well, that article will certainly bring the boycott to the attention of a lot of people. I'm kind of thinking Ebay might have a very slow week that week!
  5. I am glad that this is getting a lot of attention. That will certainly encourage people considering starting alternatives.
  6. What I do not understand is how they can no longer allow sellers to leave neg. feedback?!? Doesn't that pretty much mean that the feedback system will be totally useless?? I already gave up on selling due to one crazy buyer, it doesn't make sense that we can't warn others if we have to deal with psychos! And what about non-paying bidders--can you still leave a neg for that? If not it's gonna cause a lot of pain for sellers in the future! Just when I think ebay sucks they go and do something that sucks even more. Hey, at least they do a good job of controlling the sale of counterfeit items (hahaha.) Honestly I can't believe ebay hasn't been shut down based on just that. I am trying to figure out what all the protection is I always hear them talking about! This feedback situation only makes it worse!
  7. [​IMG]

    This is an awesome video about the strike!
  8. they win because we have no Good Alternative. we need something else. Can Virgin or google not make a new auction site ?
  9. Ebay doesn't give a damn, they know there is no real alternative! Their new policies suck!
  10. Im joining the boycott in full force! I hope this takes hold and some changes are made!!!
  11. i hope a good alternative emerges. one of the existing alternatives just needs to get a lot of attention and pull everyone in.
  12. You know, if Virgin did it they would do it right, too.