Ebay Seller - Beautiful Balenciaga Handbags!

  1. I wanted to share with everyone my recent experience buying from eBay seller, "threedifferent." I just bought a gorgeous 07 violet step for $780.00. It was shipped from Italy. It was delivered via UPS, and I had to pay $75.00 when the UPS driver delivered the package. I have never had an international delivery via UPS before, so this was new for me. Whenever I order from Luisa via roma, they use FedEX, and then FedEx bills me - they go ahead and deliver the package, and then send me a bill. I just wanted to let everyone know my transaction was very smooth - great bag, great price, and I would buy from them again. Just be prepared to pay the $$$ when UPS delivers. Here is the link to the auction that I won:


    Mods, I thought that this thread would not violate any rules - I'm not advocating for this particular seller, just sharing my experience. I also wanted to warn American buyers that they will be responsible for customs fees upon delivery. This company seems to be listing Balenciaga lately, along with a lot of other designer items, so I thought it would be nice to have some info on them. Thank you. :smile:

    Hugs, LG/K
  2. Thanks for sharing the story "K" :tender:

    This is such a good hope afterall the mess with RO and others story we hear everyday on eBay forum..

    And love the bag you got!
  3. congrats!
    yeah they have great bal stuff from time to time!
    the bag looks lovely
  4. Oh it was you Lovely who snagged the Violet Step! Congrats! Such a good deal. I was so tempted to BIN, but I had just bought a Black City the day before. Glad it went to a tpfer:tup:. I remember she had a Black Step (or brief?) listed at the same time. I wonder who got that one.
  5. ^^^Hi BabyK - a tpfer also bought the black step - she lives in Europe though, so I'm not sure if she will be affected by the customs tax. I had been looking for a violet RH bag, and so I was very happy to find one for such a great price. I love it! Haven't worn it yet, but I think I will be very happy with the size and how the bag is shaped!! :tup:

    Oula, hope you had a wonderful time in Dubai!!! I'm so envious of your glamourous life! Did you buy anything wonderful? :heart:

    How are you, Aki? I'm in for the evening - it is icy, snowy and everything combined here - so we're are not going anywhere - I think I'm going to make some hot chocolate, start a fire, and just be online all night!!! :yes:
  6. i've had good luck with three different, too! I purchased a jacket from them- it was $680 and I got nicked for around $200 in customs fees. At that time they were using Fedex (this was last spring), so I got the bill a few weeks later. Their web site keeps saying "coming soon". I hope it's up and running one of these days because they have great stuff!
  7. Yup, that's my plan as well!
  8. I am very well "K" :flowers: thank you for asking..
    Hope you are too despite the chilly weather..Your plan sounds lovely! It's so drama like!! :p Hot chocolate, warm fireplace, fluffy blankets :girlsigh: hmmm..:girlsigh:

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    Wish I could trade some of the warm heat with the ice with you "K" :girlsigh:

  9. Mercer, do you live in the U.S? Wow, $200 in customs fees on a $680 jacket - that is steep! I have noticed that when I order clothes from LVR, that the duty is more expensive than when I order handbags....I guess there is a different tariff rate??? Anyway, I was very pleased with the bag, and I will definitely order from them again if the price is right!
  10. Yes, we definitely need to trade some of our weather - some of our ice to you in Sydney, and some lovely rays of sun to Cincinnati - I want some sun!!!!!
  11. THanks for sharing.
  12. ahh...that's where the Violet Step went =)
  13. Great price for a beautiful bag! That was definitely a bang for the buck. Congrats! I'm going to keep my eye on this seller now...
  14. Thanks for sharing K!

    Everyone is free to post other people's eBay auctions now :yes:
  15. ^^Thanks "D!" I get confused sometimes about the rules, but I thought it was o.k. to post. You are the best moderator - you are always so kind to us Balgirls!