ebay seller authentic?

  1. has anyone gotten chloe bags from castleinc2 seller? this seller sells alot of chloe bay bags and was wondering has anyone ever bought from them? im intersested in getting a chloe bay. thanks..
  2. Hi, hobogirl:

    Several things that would make me suspicious of the seller:
    1. He apparently have been using the same photos to sell his bays, and that the fact that he has that many of the same model to sell is suspicious
    2. The price is too good to be true. At the price that he is selling, he is selling at 25% of retail if not less. I have yet to hear prices of the Bay being that low.
    3. I don't own any Bays, but they looked "wrong" to me.

    Just my opinion.
  3. Hi hobogirl

    you might have more luck in this thread Discuss: Chloe Resale/Ebay Sellers.

    Also acshih is right - make sure you post anything in the Authenticate This form before clicking that bidding button!
  4. yea,i thought that was kind of funny too,but i've been reading his feedbacks and everyone says authentic and all that stuff. thanks for the input,i dont think i will buy with him.