Ebay seller?? Authentic

  1. I know this should probably go in the seller wathc thread but I have no ebay listing I'm interested in.

    Is montecarloclub an authentic Hermes seller? and luxwear is also an authentic hermes seller correct?
  2. Yes, from what I'm understood Montecarloclub, luxwear, 88caviar, Janefinds and there are a couple of others. But why would you want to buy from ebay, the mark-up is crazy!!!!!! But when you wanted it yesterday I guess this is what we do!
  3. Both are sellers of authentic Hermes and I've heard great things from both of them.
  4. Ditto Baggaholic and Greentea.
  5. I've bought from montecarloclub and have been assured by more than one person here and on TFS that they are legit -- I was very happy with the transaction, got a great deal on my kelly bag, and the shipping was FAST!! I am not a patient person nor do I have a store handy so I find this to be a wonderful way to shop - although I'm sure I paid more, it's worth it to me....:love: I believe Greentea posted a list of authentic sellers on the forum here somewhere --and while it may not be for everyone, it worked perfectly for me!
  6. they're both authentic sellers, like few others, but would be better go in an Hermès store and buy directly...if u buy on ebay you miss the change to touch the item, and to be sure all is perfect!!