Ebay Seller And Paypal Suck!! I Need Help...

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  1. Sorry...I meant to put Ebay BUYER and paypal suck!!

    Ok, I sold a Pink Motorola Razr on Ebay about a month ago and the seller opened a claim stating she hadnt received the item after about a week and a half (my mail place is slooooow)...anyways, I emailed her about 2 days after the opened the claim and she said she had received the phone and thanks. Well, I guess she didnt close the claim because now paypal sidded with her and took my money!! :cursing::cursing: So now this buyer has my phone and the money she paid for it and i'm furious!! Paypal sent me an email saying that the cant accept my appeal (i spoke to customer service and they said to forward the email where she said she received the phone) because I didnt respond to the claim in time. I dont know if this has ever happened to you but THERE WAS NO BUTTON OR LINK FOR ME TO RESPOND TO. I know usually there is a message box where you can respond back to the buyer and all (i've had to submitt my own claims) but on this one there wasnt...it was like they were gonna side with the buyer from the beginning. The only link that worked was to refund her the money or provide a tracking number. (I couldnt get a tracking number because my post office was closed and i sent it out through regular air mail in good faith...) So they are now saying that my emails wont work (EVEN THOUGH SHE STATES SHE RECEIVED THE ITEM!!).

    I messaged them and told them that they better give me my money back and all they told me was to call my local police department and hopefully this doesnt ruin my business with them. I told them I will NEVER do business with paypal again and they just said "we really wish you wouldnt close your account."...AUGH!!!!

    I contacted the buyer and told her/him to contact Paypal to figure this out (since it's their claim and they did receive the item.) I still havent heard back...what should I do? I am so frustrated especially since I have a $100 return coming in and paypal put me at $-78 so basically my refund will be useless...:cursing:
  2. Have you pulled her contact info and phoned her? I'd strongly suggest e-mailing her stating that what she has done is fraud and as such you have no other option that to report her to her local police deaprtment. If she doesn't wish this to happen then you expect payment within the next 48 hours
  3. ^^I spoke to my mom and she told me to do the exact same thing...so i emailed her and told her she better refund me my money, I am expecting it within the next few days. If I dont get anything back or response then i will be reporting her to the police department. She lives abuot 1 1/2 hours away..
  4. Did you ship it with delivery or signature confirmation? I hope you did, then you can tell her you will bring the confirmation to her local police office since you are just 1 1/2 hours away.
  5. PayPals claim site is very user friendly and there is a place to respond. They are pretty strict with deadlines. When I opened my claim against a seller I was checking status constantly. Its not PayPals fault, you didnt respond and it clearly states that if they dont hear from you they will side with the buyer. You as the seller didnt respond. I hope you get your money back....
  6. i think the problem is that paypal only lets you answer with the tracking number - bec that is the only way you can prove you sent the item. I had a claim opened against me ages ago (shipping was delayed) and there was only the option to provide the tracking number. the buyer closed the claim herself (and the amount was minor) but in this forum it has been discussed a lot that the only way you have pp protection is by sending with tracking and insured.

    i hope you get your money back, and the best way would be through the police.
  7. I agree. Next time get a tracking number/delivery confirmation. It's only 50¢ or 60¢. Now you're out $100.
  8. Keep us informed on this, I'm nosy.
  9. be careful there quick at limiting your account and keeping your money for six months
    there no ones pal thats for sure!!
  10. Mark auction as paid. File an unpaid item dispute. See if that works.

  11. I tried to respond but it wouldnt let me...that's the thing. Usually paypal is user friendly but im being serious, it wouldnt let me.