ebay sell designereyeframes - anyone purchased from them?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. Curious if anyone has ever bought from this seller before. I'm not great at authenticating Chanel sunglasses and am itching for a pair but wonder if their prices are just too good to be true. Thanks!
  2. While it's a good idea to look at a seller's history, feedback and toolhaus, it's a good idea to view it with a grain of salt. A lot of buyers allege fake when items are authentic.

    As for this seller's listings, I'm not skilled in authenticating all the brands of sunnies however having owned and used as well as sold many of the brands, I feel comfortable in commenting on them.

    I think this seller buys closeouts, returns and discontinued items from Luxotica, some shopworn, some damaged and some seemingly brand new. In fact, the 12-month neutrals further confirm returns, damages and irregular product.

    One of the negs is for this listing which shows authentic sunglasses. I owned this identical pair as well as other Versace and the fonts, styling, style numbering, sizing and everything else matches exactly to how Versace sunnies are marked.
    My guess is that the buyer was either comparing to a different style or just wasn't familiar with the glasses.

    Other feedbacks refer to "secondhand," damaged, etc. further confirming that the seller buys closeouts.

    Although some listings don't show the markings on lenses or inside arms clearly or at all (necessary for satisfactory authentication), the listings show no red flags.

    From what I see, the seller sells the real deal though condition can vary. He seems to describe them pretty accurately and includes style/size and color information.

    My suggestion is to ask specific questions about condition, get pictures of "issues" and if they don't make you happy, he has a 14-day return policy where buy pays return shipping.

    This guide gives some helpful information about vetting sites/sellers and in fact, it honestly states that the guidelines are just that - guidelines and not the be-all and end-all.