eBay second chance offer scam

  1. Has anybody else received one of these? I think these scam emails are exactly the reason eBay has gone to keeping bidders identities hidden during auctions.

    Here is what happened: I bid on Balenciaga bag on eBay, did not win it. About 4 days after the auction ends I get an email stating I am being sent a second chance offer on the bag. I was suspicious because a) I knew the winner (a PF member) was happy to have won it, b) the second chance offer was good for 5 days (usually it is 2) and c) my name wasn't included in the email, although my eBay ID WAS. I went to ebay, searched for second chance offer info and found out that if it was a valid offer the email would show in my 'messages' box, which it did not. I emailed both the buyer and seller to confirm my suspicions. They both replied that the transaction was complete and this indeed was spam! I then reported the spam to eBay.

    I just wanted everybody to know in case this happens to you, and say that there is a reason for the things eBay does, however flawed the system may seem at times.

    That's all.... :smile:
  2. I haven't gotten that one exactly, but I have received a number of other similar 'scam' ebay emails...the bottom line is that any "official" email from ebay, paypal, etc. will be addressed to your name specifically...the scams usually say "dear ebay/paypal member" or something general like that. :cursing: Definitely forward the email to ebays scam department!!
  3. This one really looked legit, all the ebay logos, etc. The major problems were that my name wasn't included (but, again, ebay user ID was, and it was hidden in the auction) and the offer was allegedly good for 5 days. Some people that aren't familiar w/ebay may be fooled.

  4. People are so lame!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    With all the time an energy they spend trying to put these elaborate scams together, they could have gone out, gotten a regular job, come home and already had 3 glasses of wine! Sheesh!!!
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Amen to that, sister! You made my night!
  6. I still like to see transparency in markets, but stories I have heard lately are actually making me reconsider my stance with eBay and their decision to hide bidder IDs. Either way, I'm glad that people are disseminating this type of information so that others can avoid being scammed. Thanks, FlipFlop.
  7. I wonder how they got your ID?!? This is supposed to be one of the reasons eBay has made that change, but it seems there must be another way to get that information? Odd, and disconcerting. You did all the right things, though.
  8. My eBay ID being included is what really freaked me out and made me look at the email more closely. You are right, very disconcerting.
  9. Apparently sellers are having their eBay Accounts hacked into, which are used to get money from un-knowing buyers...

    Something along those lines happened to a friend of mine. He actually thought it was legit, and sent the money for a laptop that he was never to recieve!
  10. Yikes!!! I got an e-mail from e-bay (supposedly) a few times and the e-mail was " your watched item is ending soon" notification type e-mail and the items, I knew for a fact, weren't on my watch list. I had just signed into e-bay a few minutes prior and had checked the box that keeps you logged in for a day unless you log out. When I clicked on the link it took me to the sign in page. I was like I just signed in, it wouldn't have taken me there if it were a legit ebay email so freaked. It was the first time that had ever happened to me I didnt send the email to ebay though I should have DARN!!!